Friday, December 29, 2017

President Trump: Caving or Baiting the The Democrats on Immigration?

President Trump fired off a clear-cut ultimatum at the Democrats in Congress.

He mentioned that there can be no "DACA fix" without funding for the wall.

Here's the tweet:

I realize that the President has a magnificent penchant for saying things to confuse and troll the media and the left, but at the same time plans to do what is right for all Americans and for the country. He masterfully mocked the climate alarmists and climate change apologists by suggesting that the East Coast, facing an unprecedented freeze, needs some global warming.

The Nightmare Kids

Are we seeing the same kind of media bait-and-switch at work?

Or is Trump letting his soft heart get in the way of his tough mind and strong will?

It would be a political disaster for President Trump to move on any kind of amnesty. It would be a cultural and historical nightmare for this country to allow the 800,000 Nightmare Kids to stay in this country and bring with them all their parents, relatives, friends, and acquaintances.

We are not a nation of immigrants, Mr. President. We are a nation of laws, of citizens, and of Judeo-Christian principles based on the ethic of E Pluribus Unum, One Nation Under God, and Individual Liberty.

True American Dreamers
There can be no amnesty. The only fix for DACA is no fix at all. Put Americans First, and send a clear message to the world that we will not the poor, the hunger, the teeming masses yearning for freedom if they insist on breaking into this country instead of entering the lawful way.

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