Thursday, December 21, 2017

Oregon Republican Party Celebrates Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

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Dear Arthur,
Today Republicans kept their promise and passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act - a massive tax relief and simplification package for American families that also takes a massive step forward in helping American businesses of all sizes become competitive again, both at home and in the global marketplace.  All of this means more and betters jobs with robust, sustained economic growth - something never achieved during the Obama Administration.
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This great news is important for Oregonians to hear, but Democrat Leaders, with the help of their vast, corrupt media machine, have taken to the airwaves to tell lie after lie about it, with escalating hysteria.  Perhaps you've heard some of this, as have many of your fellow citizens.  So, if we don't get the truth out, the Democrats might succeed.  The good news is - we CAN get the truth out and you can help us.
Make a virtually FREE DONATION of up to $100 to the political party of your choice if you use your 2017 Oregon Tax Credit before the end of the year.
The Oregon Republican Party has proven throughout the past year that a strong voice can get our message out and debunk the false messages by the Democrat machine, reaching tens of thousands of voters (check out examples).  Now we need to reach hundreds of thousands - but your financial support is critical.
The Oregon political tax credit is simple – You donate $50 for single filers, or $100 for joint filers, to a political party and get it back on your tax refund or credit.  It’s available to Oregon taxpayers who make under $100,000 per individual or $200,000 for joint-filing couples.

Time is running out for this year.  The Oregon Political Tax Credit for 2017 EXPIRES on December 31st, 2017, and then it won't be available, so donate today and help us take fights Democrat lies with the truth.
Note:  If you have already donated your 2017 Oregon Political Tax Credit, you can still support for our efforts by donating here.
Thank you!

Bill Currier, Chairman
Oregon Republican Party

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