Friday, December 22, 2017

ICYMI: LA Times Failed Hit Piece to Smear Me

Hailey Branson-Potts of the Los Angeles Times wanted to write a hit-piece/hate-piece against me as an outspoken, unfettered Trump supporter.

(By the way, Branson looked up to rabid, notorious anti-Semite Helen Thomas. That says a lot about this "reporter":

Yet in spite of the desperately negative tilt of her original article, her writing had the opposite effect. I received glory and honor, while the LA Times got a black eye and further disparagement from their already dwindling readership.

To the editor: Congratulations to The Times for giving some legitimacy to one of many crackpots that have come out of the woodwork since Donald Trump became president. Giving a provocateur like Arthur Christopher Schaper front-page coverage will no doubt lead to copycats. ("Meet the Trump backer leading the resistance to the resistance in California," June 3)

No one loses money betting on how uninformed many Americans are when it comes to politics, but we Times readers don't need to read about one of the bottom feeders on the front page of your newspaper.

David Novis, Santa Barbara

Ha! HA! HA!


To the editor: Citizens have been confronting their representatives at town hall meetings around the country; they are concerned about healthcare, the environment and other important issues.

Schaper shows up at the same meetings name-calling, yelling insults and purposely starting needless arguments. He's very much a representative of our current president.

Daniel McVey, Los Angeles

Why thank you!

Final Reflection

I have often referred to God's promise for His servants. for those made righteous by the blood of His Son:

It's time that we rest in the truth and grace of God's promises, which we receive because of His Son Jesus.

The fallen men and women of this world will reproach us for our faith and courage. We will not allow them to stop us. We will continue to speak out the truth and let our minds be free to receive the truth and exchange the same with those who care.

The media is in disreputable decline precisely because of their addiction to an anti-Trump, anti-American narrative in completely hostility to the grounded truth as well as regard for American citizens. Their attachment to left-wing talking points and progressive agendas has hurt their brand. The American people are simply not interested in tolerating such nonsense any further.

God bless Donald Trump!

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