Saturday, December 30, 2017

Political Courage at Its Finest: Ann Coulter Disposes of Jorge Ramos on Immigration


This "debate" was refreshing and riveting.

Coulter had the courage to say some of the most politically correct yet morally necessary remarks about illegal--and legal--immigration.

She had the courage to take down Telemundo (or Univision, or whatever) anchor Jorge Ramon on one point after another, and call him out for lying and distorting information without batting an eyelash.

The guests in the audience wanted to lecturer her and question her integrity and morals rather than ask her questions about her views and what she had written in her book Adios, America.

I was stunned by the some of the research and conclusions which she had reached, including the fact that Ronald Reagan had achieved an electoral tidal wave victory in 1984 without pandering to identity politics.

I can add that other Republican US Senators did remarkably well that year, gathering an unprecedented turnout with key voting blocs, despite the best efforts of the media to smear the President and the Republican ticket across the country. Jesse Helms of North Carolina, for example, got a higher turnout of the black vote than expected in 1984.

She also slammed the diversity talk, when a good chunk of the immigration, legal or illegal, is coming from Mexico. How about that? She even played the race card back onto Jorge Ramos. Doesn't he understand that his commitment to the status quo on immigration in this country disenfranchises at least two billion people who live in $2 a day. Many of them would love to come to the United States, but this country cannot take in the entire world. A nation is not supposed to serve as an international charity.

Back to the identity politics of the Democratic Party ... All the identity politics games have never helped this country. President Trump pushed aside all that garbage and talked about "Making America Great Again." The promises of a great country where everyone can win is a promise open to everyone. Barack Obama divided the country over race. President Trump has united the country more than ever. He has fulfilled promises going after the Deep State, drained the swamp, cut through all the regulatory burdens, and he has been taking down the corrupt media like no one else.

Mexico does not send their best ...

Coulter also acknowledges that no candidate would ever attain her level of immigration enforcement policy, perhaps because the political capital is not available right now. In other cases, the solution is through the Supreme Court or a constitutional amendment process, like ensuring that public schools only teach American kids. How about making sure that the 14th Amendment only applies to the descendants of black slaves, not illegal aliens' anchor babies?

These are all winning policy goals, and it would be great to see the United States Congress take real steps toward making these wins possible. Still, outspoken critics of illegal immigration and job-crushing, dangerous levels of legal immigration need to be confronted at every turn, and Coulter masterfully serves up wise answers with back-up research to combat the myths, lies, and distortions which have been plaguing this debate.

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