Thursday, December 28, 2017

My Tweet Featured on National Reciprocity Article

Yesterday, I learned that Shaneen Allen, a black single mother from Philadelphia, had high hopes that the Republican Congress would pass national reciprocity by next year (2018).

This mother became a featured story in the fight over the Second Amendment because New Jersey police pulled over in New Jersey for a traffic stop. When she told the police officer that she possessed a concealed carry permit and had a gun with her, she ended up under arrest and in jail for an unprecedented, excessive 48 days in jail!

Then-governor Chris Christie issued a pardon for her, but the legal problem remains. The Second Amendment is not a crime, but an affirmation of every person's God-given right to protect himself. One state's concealed carry permit should be honored in other states. No one should face arrest or loss of liberty for exercising one's rights.

Shaneen Allen with her kids

One article on featured this incredible account
, and how Shaneen Allen has turned into the face of the National Reciprocity Movement. She also shared that she wants to be right next to the President when Trump signs the final bill into law.

The article even featured my tweet from my State of the Union Account!

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