Thursday, December 21, 2017

No Treachery! Demand An End to Amnesty, Illegal Immigration, Chain Migration for Good!

Only We the People can stop this sinister mass amnesty in Washington.  Take action NOW! 

The Dirty Dems and pro-alien RINOs are still trying to sneak amnesty into the spending bill THIS WEEK.

Fax, email, and call now!

From: Ly Kou []
Sent: Thursday, December 21, 2017 6:59 AM
Subject: Vid: War on America! Illegal alien "Dreamers" forcing a no-strings DACA Amnesty

War on America!  The RINOs and Dems are trying to shove a no-strings DACA amnesty down our throat along with United We Dream, a pro-open border/ illegal alien organization.  UWD sent 1,500 illegal alien youth "Dreamers" to take over D.C. via protests in the streets and sit-ins at the Congress members offices from Dec. 11 to 22 for DACA Amnesty through with the budget or shut down of our government before Congress leaves for Christmas.  The "Dreamers" have escalated the fight by blocking 3 tunnels that Congress members use to get from their offices to the Capitol building.  Below is one of countless Congress members offices that they took over.    

Video:  Illegal aliens "Dreamers" squatting in a Congress member's office DEMANDING a no-strings DACA amnesty.  They laughed while trashing this Congress member's office- using a 100 yrs old fireplace tool as a putter to entertain themselves.  The illegal aliens "Dreamers" are the third-world trash that Americans are supposed to receive with open arms.

Illegal Aliens Continue Push for Amnesty in Spending Bill, Despite Cost to ...

Eight people have been arrested during protests in Congress by activists demanding an amnesty deal in the 2018 b...

What the mainstream media doesn't tell you about Mass Immigration.


This is Amazing.

Congress, Hear the People on the DREAM Act Amnesty

Voters have made their opinions about the DREAM Act known to their representatives in the Senate and the House o... – Medium is a pro-open border/ illegal alien organization pushing for the destruction of America's sovereignty via the illegal alien invasion.  UWD advocates for illegal aliens but hides behind the word,  "immigrants".  Immigrants do NOT need advocacy because they come to the U.S. legally unlike the border jumpers aka illegal aliens.  Check out their non-stop anti-America activism. – Medium

Read writing from on Medium. UWD is the first and largest immigrant youth-led organization in ...

Ly Kou
We the People Rising

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