Thursday, December 21, 2017

Why The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is a YUGE Win for Election 2018

Judge Roy Moore took one for the GOP conservative grassroots team.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is partly at fault for losing a ruby red US Senate seat to a Democrat. What we can expect, though, despite this sad setback, is that McConnell will be able to mess with Senate Democrats and their latest red state Democrat. Doug Jones has already had to strike a more conservative, conciliatory tone. After all, he represents constituents who voted for President Trump by massive, double-digits in 2016. How can he expect to win re-election running on a record of left-wing nihilism?

The heat is on, and McConnell and company needed to deliver with everything they had. He and Speaker Paul Ryan not only brought through comprehensive tax reform, tax cuts, and also the repeal of the officious Obamacare individual mandate.

Democrats and liberal opponents are claiming that the Tax Cut and Jobs Act will be the Republicans' version of Obamacare, in that the negative reaction to this legislation will be so bad that Democrats sweep the House and maybe take over the United States Senate.

Not going to happen.

Massive job growth is already breaking out all over the country. Jobs investment, manufacturing jobs, a roaring stock market, and the lowest unemployment in decades has embraced the country. Trump is doing quite well for the voters of this country. The Republicans are following his lead. Now that the individual mandate is gone, more working families will not have to wonder how much to scringe and save for when they have to purchase health insurance. They will not be forced to purchase a product which is no good to begin with.

Americans hate Obamacare, and this mandate is the worst part of it. The mandate's repeal will ensure that the rest of this abortive law crashes underneath its corrupt, bankrupt, incompetent weight. This is winning on an unimaginable scale.

Democrats are going to campaign on voting against tax cuts for working and middle income families? They will demagogue the class warfare talking points, certainly, but most Americans will enjoy the blessings of "the rich" getting tax cuts and tax breaks, which they are already turning around and giving to their current employees with bonuses and to new hires. More people working is a good thing, and a prosperous economy is a huge victory for Republicans in Rust belt and purple states where the stagnant economy of the Obama Administration perpetrated its worst damage.

Democrats are hoping to win key governorships in Election 2018, too, but the Republican incumbents can ride the strong economy, and the lasting reforms on health care, energy, and economic growth will solidify the argument that the voters should continue their tenure. Despite the complaints of immigration hardliners, the tax reform package is a significant victory, and the Fake News liberal media cannot smear this victory into a defeat. All the printing, hate-mongering, and outright demagoguery will not dissuade individual voters from the massive economic prosperity they enjoy.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is a huge win for Election 2018.

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