Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Walters Supports Tax Reform ... and DACA Fix? Why?!

Congresswoman Mimi Walters is dancing around with conservative and liberal policies.

She wants to be liked by everyone, it seems. She is also a key part of House GOP Leadership. Currently, she serves as their sophomore representative to House leadership, which means that she has to spend more time going along with what the rest of the conference leaders want, both in the House and the US Senate.

If she had rejected the tax reform legislation, she would have been out of a leadership job as well possibly losing her house seat in 2018. California Republicans are feeling the heat from both sides of the activist aisle, no doubt. The Indivisible 45 Group has harassed her office and staff a number of times. Some of the Indivisibles have been arrested.

Still, in spite of the left-wing Indivisibles going after the GOP Tax Reform bill, Rep. Mimi Walters voted for it as did eleven other Republicans in the California Congressional delegation. She is on the right side of this issue, and certainly her leadership made the final legislation more palatable to wavering Republicans in blue states.

But ...

She is on board with the so-called DACA fix. The Deferred Action of Childhood Arrivals program should never have been implemented. It does not need to be "fixed". It needs to be sunset with no chance of renewal. Illegal aliens need to remove themselves from the country. It is not the fault of taxpaying citizens and legal immigrants that a large set of illegal alien parents brought their children into this country.

Why is she going left on immigration when she has been voting basically right on everything else? Her calculation on this issue is all wrong. Despite the rising number of immigrants voting Democrat in her district, and in spite of the more violent hordes of leftists attacking her and others, she had remained strong on repealing Obamacare and cutting our tax burden.

What is she thinking? She may be getting pressured from the House GOP leadership, or she may be posturing for social media, but internally she has no interest in supporting any kind of DACA fix or amnesty. No illegal immigration, no illegal aliens, no DACA fixes, no amnesty: this is the message which Mimi Walters needs to heed.

Whatever her reasons, she needs to change her mind and make it clear to the rest of her delegation that she opposes amnesty and will put the needs of American citizens first.

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