Thursday, December 21, 2017

The People Are Winning Against Amnesty--Now It's Time to Double Down

We are gaining ground.

The Congressional majorities faced intense pressure from illegal alien activists, but those efforts were not good enough.

The American People are pushing back and winning the argument for immigration enforcement instead of blanket amnesty.

Check out these notably victories:

  1. The CRs coming out of Congress will have no DACA anything.
  2. Orrin Hatch did not join the five other US Senators at the White House. I think Hatch is backing away from his SUCCEED Act
  3. McConnell needs to feel the heat really, really hard. He can deny a floor vote for any kind of amnesty.
  4. Bob Goodlatte is stopping amnesty of all kinds as Judiciary Chairman
  5. McConnell said "a decision about DACA" will come in March -- already they are backing away

But of course we need to double down like never before.

Five Republican US Senators met in the White House with Chief of Staff John Kelly to discuss DACA fixes.

This is all wrong, and we need to make sure that Main Street is the loudest voice in Washington, not K Street, not Big Business, not Big Labor, and definitely not Big La Raza!

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