Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Pastor Art Pawlowski's Courageous Tour Comes to An End



Hello friends!


Pastor Artur Pawlowski is finishing up the final leg of his first American tour and what an amazing time it's been! We've been across the country and have met thousands of Americans who understand the threats the United States is facing. You all have been so incredibly supportive and amazing. You get it and we're proud to stand with you in this fight to save America.


Pastor Artur has been incredibly brave in the face of persecution and adversity. His future once he returns to Canada is uncertain. All we know is that the Canadian authorities are very angry and want to make an example out of him. As you probably already know, he was found guilty of contempt and faces FOUR YEARS IN PRISON! Can you even imagine???


But before he leaves, he will be making a few more stops around the country.


This week we're in California! Artur has been missing preaching on the streets so we're heading to the beaches of sunny California to deliver the messages of hope and to bring the lion's roar to the Golden State! The beach event is very casual but sure to be a great time! (There may even be a bonfire after!)


Below you will find a couple of the upcoming events. If you're in the area, please come out and see him before he heads back to Canada.








As mentioned, once the tour is over, the pastor will return to Canada. We aren't certain what the tyrannical Canadian "want to be" dictators have in store for him, but we know they are planning to make an example of him and his fight.


He will need help to fight them and to support his family. Can we count on you to contribute to that fight?


We are collecting gifts through PayPal at the moment:




All gifts will be directed to his work and family during these difficult times. There is no such thing as a small gift, please consider a gift in any amount.


We appreciate all of the love and support.


Be blessed!



Cindy Chafian

Courageous Faith Manager




(Please note we are no longer working with any outside organization. If you are contributing to anything other than this link, we can't guarantee the funds will be forwarded to Pastor Artur's fight.)

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