Thursday, August 19, 2021

Chad "Loser" Loder (Antifa Soy Boy) Gets Schooled in PV

 Chad Loder is a hater.

He is a white supremacist. He does not like black people, and he thinks that anyone else who is not white is automatically disadvantaged, in need of help and a handout.

Pretty shameful stuff.

He is a corporate CEO type, too, one of those rich wannabe Antifa soyboy types.

Here's a profile of this loser:

By day, Chad Loder is a super-millionaire tech capitalist and former federal contractor who led the team that designed cyber security software currently used by US government agencies. By night, he is a self-proclaimed anarcho-communist Twitter troll who helps dox working class Trump supporters and provides “mutual aid” to those on the ground beating them up.

He's wealthy and he's evil. Bad combo.

Currently, he is the CEO for a company called Habitu8, which works in computers and cybersecurity.

And the main office is located in Torrance, CA! Torrance is the balanced city, but unfortunately, we have unbalanced types like Soy Boy Chad.

Check out the office here:

Here's the website. Click here.

And here's the link where you can leave a (bad) Google Review. Click here.

And he couldn't handle a group of committed mothers who confronted him for his crap.

Check out the photos from the Palos Verdes "Let The Breathe" Rally:

And of course, I LOVE MY HATERS:

These flabby bullies need a taste of their own medicine, simple as that.

Have fun!

Check out some of the videos of parents and protesters confronting him in Palos Verdes:

Chad Loder Forced to Show His Face

Chad Loser Loder Exposed!

Black Woman Asks Racist Chad Loser "Why Did You Take Your Mask Off?"

And here's some more information for anyone who is interested:

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