Friday, August 6, 2021

Minnesota MassResistance: Exposing and Shutting Down Drag Queen Story Hour Programs

Hello Everyone!

Check this out:

The LGBTQ+ agenda is being exposed--the basis of the movement is Satanic; their target is our children.

This has nothing to do with politics or any of the 7 mountains of culture, but has everything to do with child sexual manipulation and satanic child abuse.  This is happening in most/all cities and towns across the US and world.  Library materials across the country contain sexually explicit materials.

Children are being sexually manipulated by the LGBTQ+ agenda in Faribault, Owatonna and surrounding towns.  

Yes, we need to pray, but we need to ACT; if you don't act, YOU are part of the problem!!!

How? Act by calling your county commissioners--county money funds the local public libraries.  Act by calling School Board members and demanding Marxist Critical Race Theory and Comprehensive Sex Education be completely eliminated from schools.  Check what your kids/grandkids are doing on TikTok- -heard tonight on zoom there is a Satanic perversion element to TikTok--I need to find out more info.

Need people willing to do research anonymously on where money coming from and going within county and school board budgets.

This was a difficult email for me, but I believe this had to be said.  If I get backlash, so be it--what can man do to me?  This is God's country--what are YOU doing about it?

Please forward. Thanks.



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