Monday, August 30, 2021

Equality California Panicking about California Recall



CBS News just published a brand new poll for the Republican Recall in California… and it’s NOT looking good:

CBS News / YouGov Poll

“Will you definitely vote in this recall election?”

Trump 2020 Voters: 86% YES
Biden 2020 Voters: 75% YES

Trump voters are more than 10% MORE likely to vote in this recall than Biden voters.

That’s why Equality California is launching a massive statewide get-out-the-vote campaign to mobilize pro-equality voters ahead of this Republican Recall.

We need grassroots funders! Will you donate $15 (or more!) today to power this GOTV campaign?


This is a critical moment for California, Arthur. In 2003, apathy from progressive voters allowed a Democratic governor to be recalled -- for only the second time in US history.

We’re not about to let history repeat itself this year.

Because if we lose this recall vote, we could get a governor who:

  1. Has a vile history of opposing LGBTQ+ equality;
  2. Wants to ban mask mandates and is proudly anti-vaccine;
  3. Supports gutting the minimum wage, gun regulations and Roe v. Wade.

The stakes are high -- and we’re leaving NOTHING on the table. Let’s not wake up on September 15th with any regrets.

Donate whatever you can to help us turn out pro-equality voters NOW:

We can win this, together.

Equality California

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