Sunday, August 8, 2021

Save California: Tyrants have no science + how to resist + shop maskless -- Championing Your Values in California
It's arguably good news and a sign that Covid tyranny is coming to a head that the Tyrannical Democrats' "public health" lies are breaking down.
Because they can't explain why "vaccinated" persons are getting infected, why "vaccinated" persons must revert to wearing masks, why natural immunity is stronger than the "plastic immunity" of vaccines, or why children -- who aren't threatened by and don't spread Covid -- must be continually masked in schools.
So, in their mad push for power, they're pleasing Big Pharma and themselves (and Satan) by trying to make you obey whatever comes out of their mouths -- as if their words were "the law" passed by a legislature and signed by a governor. "The vaccine's the thing," they sing, as they and prostituting big business order you to sing along or be punished. But the emperor has no clothes -- because there's no "problem" for the "vaccine" to solve!
Please look at this official State of California chart and show it to others:
This chart spanning March 2020 to the present week from the State of California's Covid-19 dashboard currently reports a "7-day average death rate" of 0.02 per 100K, which means if you catch any form of Covid in California (this chart includes "variants"), you have a 1 in 5 million chance of dying from it (0.02 x 50 = 1; 100,000 x 50 = 5,000,000). This is an extremely low death rate -- much lower than your chance of dying from eating, walking, driving, or being struck by lightning. If reasonable people grasped this reality, their unhealthy fear and compliance with unscientific tyrants would end.
The Liberal Left is lying to you
How? Let me count the ways:
  1. "Public health authorities" are lying to you by trying to erase natural immunity from their unscientific definition of "herd immunity"
  2. Democrat politicians are lying to you about everyone's "need" for face masks
  3. Biden & Co. are blatantly disobeying federal law protecting you from forced or coerced injections
And what about the "effectiveness" of the "Covid vaccines" against Covid variants (which are caused by the vaccine)? Listen to expert Dr. Peter McCullough:
Grasp the real science
Listen to a top expert on Covid, Dr. Peter McCullough, who says everyone should know 5 things about the current "variant" scare. As LifeSiteNews reports:
McCullough highlighted “five key messages of scientific truth” surrounding the pandemic that need to be taken into account. First, the virus doesn’t spread among asymptomatic people. Second, asymptomatic people should not get tested, as it is “generating false postives, creating extra cases.” Third, natural immunity gained after having the virus is “robust, complete, and durable.” Fourth, COVID-19 and even the variants are easily treatable at home with early intervention. Fifth, the coronavirus jabs by Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and AstraZeneca are “right now are obsolete.”
In fact, McCullough pointed out that the experimental “vaccines” must “be considered unsafe and unfit for human use.” He mentioned some of the dangerous side effects brought on by the injection. Meanwhile, he also said that safe and effective medicines and treatments have not been promoted, even though they have saved lives — and could save more.
McCullough noted that social and mass media companies have agreed to promote the notion that “vaccines” are safe, and to shun information on early treatment and vaccine injuries. He called this “an overt censorship program.”
He further stated that with growing disinterest of the public toward the COVID jabs, its promoters are “getting down to pressure, coercion, threats of reprisal, and even forced vaccination.”
Resist the scamdemic
In light of the significant risks of the non-vaccine "vaccines," I encourage you to NOT comply with any attempt to coerce or force you to be injected with any of these experimental biological agents. Again, federal law prohibits it!
If you work for someone who's thinking of imposing "Covid vaccines" upon you, do not comply. Tell your boss you do not agree to be vaccinated, show them the federal law, and give them your letter requesting a religious exemption (edit this template).
If you're a small business owner or manager who either respects people's God-given rights, or the federal law, or the science showing these "vaccines" are unnecessary, ineffective, and dangerous, please tell other small business owners why and encourage them to care for -- and keep -- their employees by NOT coercing injections upon anyone.
Shop maskless
Wherever a grocery store permits vaccinated customers to shop maskless, just mix in. This is the position of most California grocery stores has researched. In addition, if their position is to exempt from masks customers with "health issues" or "medical conditions," you could let them assume that too. Visit their websites for updated policies. Yet seize these opportunities to be human and American, and shop with freedom.
Protest publicly has updated our list of medical freedom events in California. These important events are protesting forced injections, tests, and masks. Please participate by bringing signs and friends and U.S. flags. Visit Action.
"We synthesized this [treatment for Covid 19] into this protocol which is very comprehensive, and many could condense this, but once someone contracts Covid 19, the patient quarantines at home, we do contract tracing, the patient ventilates the room, and gets fresh air. If the patient age is under 50, we use just nutraceuticals: zinc sulfate (220 milligrams contains 50 milligrams of zinc) vitamin D3 5,000 units, vitamin C 3,000 milligrams, quercetin 500 milligrams twice a day. You could add lysine or n-acetylcysteine. Medical personnel maintain “watchful waiting,” maintain complete quarantine. Once recovered, the patient goes back to work, with no additional testing. Nothing else is needed. If symptoms worsen, then we move into the treatment protocol. The treatment protocol for patients over 50 and persons with medical problems—that’s when the risk of hospitalization or death emerges, it’s more than one percent—we use antibodies, if we can get an antibody infusion. In the United States, they’re free. We just call the hospital and have the patients go in, then we can use our two anti-infectives, hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin, or favipiravir outside the United States, plus azithromycin. We use inhaled budesonide throughout treatment now. If respiratory symptoms are there on day five, we give oral steroids. We use colchicine throughout, and then we use aspirin throughout, and then we can add the anticoagulants. So the physician can use this to integrate a program. It does not mean giving every drug for all patients, but we combine them. We use home oxygen concentrators. I’ve treated people in their 90s at home, and they’ve gotten sick, but they have not been hospitalized. I’ve treated multiple families, people with oxygen saturations into the 70s, without them being hospitalized. It can be done at home because once the patient goes into the hospital in the United States, they get worse care. We can actually do much better in treating patients at home using these drugs. So fortunately, in the United States we can do this now…" is part of Campaign for Children and Families, a statewide 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization working, leading, and fighting for your rock-solid values and hard-won liberties since 1999. Your confidential, tax-deductible gift of any size empowers our work for your family and other families, and reaches Californians with important facts the Big Media won’t report. Thank you for standing with us!

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