Sunday, August 29, 2021

We the Media: America, You Have Been Wakened

Congratulations America. You have become more aware than ever of daily incidents in every town, city and state across the Union where an enemy-infested local, state or federal government is actively attacking our freedoms and way of life.

You have been awakened to the scale of this infiltration, where it came from, and what its end goal is.

Once operating freely in the shadows as we consumed TV dinners in front of back-to-back episodes of Friends, now the enemy slithers in plain view, completely exposed in the brilliant glow of a thousand points of light.

Fellow citizens, with your focus and attention on what these traitors are doing each day around the country, and by raising your voice wherever it may touch ears, you are actively participating in a new Revolutionary war effort currently underway to defeat and overthrow a hideous, transnational and multigenerational empire of death that has been destroying our world for over a century, on a demon horse of communism.

You are going to win because you have a force behind you of a hundred million angry patriots who just woke up and remembered how much they loved Old Glory.

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