Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Pray for Afghanistan Christians & Solders


Dearly Beloved Brothers and Sisters of Jesus Christ,

"I cannot shake the very heavy burden I feel to pray for Afghanistan."  Let us turn our attention to the LORD God Jehovah in prayer for our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan who are in great need today.  Our country has fallen away from the LORD Jesus and is reaping what we have sown.  Let us strive for Wisdom and not to be simple as taught in the book of Proverb.  May our LORD forgive us and bring a great revival not only in our country but world wide!  Please Jesus wake up the Church and bring UNITY of the Body of Christ in all churches.  God you do keep your promises to those who repent and follow You.  God please bless our solders who have served this country for our freedoms.

Prayer For Afghanistan by Anne Graham Lotz >> https://www.annegrahamlotz.org/2021/08/17/pray-for-afghanistan/

From Anne Graham Lotz :

"if You allow Your people to be slaughtered, then I pray that You would give dying grace to each and every one of them. Men. Women. Children. Fill them with Your supernatural peace. Give them a vision of Heaven opened for them, as You did for Stephen in Acts 7. Open their eyes to see You, Lord Jesus, standing at the right hand of the Father, waiting to welcome them Home and give them a martyr’s crown.

And then I pray…yes I do… for the fullness of Your wrath to fall on the evil perpetrators, whether they are in Kabul or Tehran or Washington, DC. Holy God. Avenge Your people.

I know You hear this prayer. Now I wait to see how You will answer.

Even so, come Lord Jesus. Surely it’s time for You to be glorified in all the earth."

Also, Dr. James Dobson Family Institute is asking you to join us as we link arms Sunday, Aug. 22, with Rev. Franklin Graham and Christians worldwide in ardent prayer for the catastrophic events that are unfolding in Afghanistan. Please pray specifically for the Lord's intervention and protection of the tens of thousands of Americans and our Christian brothers and sisters who are in immediate peril by the Taliban.

May we bless God and give Him glory for freeing us from sin through His Son Jesus Christ.

We use to have the Holy Bible read in school. The students were taught to love the USA and more importantly the LORD our God.  The God who blessed us with His Word and made this country flourish.  Our Father God "YahWeh" has blessed our nation partially because we support Israel.  My prayer is that we love our God and not fall away.  Let us draw closer to Jesus day by day and sing praises unto Him who died so we may live eternally with Him.  How awesome is our God! 

May God uplift you in spirit and in truth by His encouragement that He will always be there for you.  Remember God will never leave or forsake you.  Continue to trust in Him and let Him direct your purpose and path.  I would ask you to sing out loud your praises to God and call upon Him.  Never give up.  Here is praise songs reminding us who we are and Who we belong to:

Who Am I - Casting Crowns >> https://youtu.be/mBcqria2wmg

Goodness of God >> https://youtu.be/n0FBb6hnwTo

Jesus Something Happens When I Call Your Name (With Lyrics)  >> https://youtu.be/s3jaDSldLmQ

Way Maker >> https://youtu.be/cHoGEDQQ67o?list=PLUmTiGOxKUOiG9TdAE3f7ZKw23TQ8Yiks

How Great Is Our God >> https://youtu.be/5FS-AR8peTY

Throne Room with Lyrics >> https://youtu.be/0WWQRcKUBSw

Do you believe in relative or absolute truth?  It is part of this weeks message at Shadow Mountain Community Church.  If you would like to see the latest Shadow Mountain Church service enjoy it at >> https://www.shadowmountain.org/default.aspx?page=3468

Love from your brothers in Christ our Messiah, Lord and King,

Joseph and Bob

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