Tuesday, August 31, 2021

BREAKING: Torrance Schools Give Harmful Surverys to Students (Time to Fight Back)

Well, well, well ...

The moral and cultural rot that is afflicting public schools across the country continues its slow and steady slouching into Torrance Unified, as well.

Last year, one of the parents in Richardson Middle School shared with a Facebook group the following survery:

These questions were posed in an online survey for a middle school student! This survey was actually trying to find out the so-called "sexual preferences" of a twelve-year old. Seriously!

This is in Torrance Unified. I wrote to the principal at Richardson Middle School, Tayo Balogun, and she did not respond to me.

I wrote to the superintendent for answers, and Dr. Tim Stowe did not get back to me.

This year, I wrote back, demanding answers for this disgusting survey. Why is the school district allowing this? Why are parents not made aware of this? Why would anyone want information about students', about children's sexual behavior?

This is really outrageous!

Oh, and it gets worse ...

Two people in the past week have informed me that South High School submitted a similar survey to students this year!

One source in the city informed me that this survey was released in order for students to play sports, i.e. it was in connection with COVID-19 testing and scrutiny.

I am so fed up with this wickedness.

MassResistance, the pro-family organization that I work for, has been fighting the LGBT agenda and all of its perverse iterations for over 25 years. This kind of crap and corruption was pushed on students in the Boston suburbs of Massachusetts as early as 1993. Only one organization, MassResistance, was making any noise about this.

Today, MassResistance has established chapters and worked with activists all over the country, and all over the world, to fight this perverse agenda.

We have a diverse California chapter, too, with activists all over the state, and we are so grateful that more people in the city of Torrance are working with us to fight back against this homosexual-transgender tyranny.

We are committed to exposing and putting an end to these putrid push-polls which induce kids to question their own health and identities and engage in these aberrant, disgusting, bankrupt behaviors.

Please contact me RIGHT away if you have more information about this harmful, destructive surveys in the Torrance Unified School District:

Cell: (781) 474-3005

Email: arthur@massresistance.org


I need everyone to contact the Torrance Unified School board to demand answers and demand furthermore that the school board and supertinendent stop authorizing these invasive, abusive, and perverse surveys for the Torrance student body!

Please contact the Torrance Unified School Board and tell them to stop pushing LGBT indoctrination on the kids. These surveys are often designed by LGBT groups that seek to groom, recruit, and exploit children. No one should stand by and allow this!

School Board Members

Jeremy L. Gerson




James Han




Jasmine Park



Betty Lieu




Anil Muhammad




  1. Better be careful Arthur. Betty Lieuser has a husband who is not afraid to use his campaign cash to give $50,000 to his alma mater, Stanford. You will never guess whose son was accepted as an incoming freshman this Fall at Stanford. Also Betty Lieuser was given $15,000 by hubby, Ted Lieuser, when she ran for school board. Looks to me like the Lieuser family will use his campaign cash to buy their way into anything and they may even use their cash hoard on a pain in the neck to them like you. I will contact the school board and Stowe who tried to screw us back at Christmas time 2015. He can't be trusted either. Just another 2 faced school bureaucrat.

    1. These really are shameful people! Our school boards need better people running them.