Monday, August 23, 2021

Good News: Equality California is Panicking about "Republican" Recall of Gavin Newsom

Equality California is the premier hate group in the Golden State.

They push sexual perversion, and they want to normalize this behavior among students in the classroom. This is very serious. Their advocacy for sexual perversion is child abuse.

And what's more, they are extremely alarmed about the Recall Election next month.

They are telling people to vote No on the "Republican" Recall, even though a majority of Democrats signed the paperwork to have Gavin Newsom removed from office.

Check out their latest eblast fundraiser:

NEW poll results from FiveThirtyEight*

Keep Gavin Newsom (No on recall): 48.8%

Remove Gavin Newsom (Yes on recall): 47.6%

Chip in $15 right now to stop the Republican Recall:



There’s no way to sugarcoat these polling numbers: Gavin Newsom is in trouble.

With the race in a statistical dead heat, anti-LGBTQ+ national Republicans like Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee, Rudy Giuliani and Devin Nunes have all publicly backed the Republican Recall — and the campaign is being funded by the Republican National Committee and big Trump donors!

Arthur, these extremists are hungry to win the recall and take their momentum into the 2022 midterm elections -- we CAN’T let them take over the country’s most pro-equality state!

Will you chip in $15 right now to help defeat anti-LGBTQ+ ballot measures like the Republican Recall??


Arthur, we need to fight back and defend DECADES of hardfought progress — on LGBTQ+ civil rights, gun safety reform, reproductive freedom, criminal justice reform, the environment and SO much more.

With the polling SO close, every single dollar and every single vote WILL MATTER.

That’s why President Biden, Katie Porter, Stacey Abrams, Equality California, Planned Parenthood and the LA Times have all spoken out AGAINST the Republican Recall.

Help us defeat anti-LGBTQ+ ballot measures like the Republican Recall. Chip in $15 RIGHT NOW:


Thanks for your support,

-Team Equality California

*FiveThirtyEight August 17 poll average


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We need to stand up to the lies of the LGBT agenda. All they can do is lie, since the truth would mean that more people would have to abandon this agenda completely. No one is born gay, no one is born in the wrong body, and it is child abuse to teach people otherwise.

It's adult abuse, and it's elder abuse, too!

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