Tuesday, August 17, 2021

More Info to Fight Vaccine Mandates


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We are so sorry to hear about the situation you and your coworkers find yourselves in. We have been contacted by thousands of people in similar situations regarding unfair treatment and discrimination due to declining masks, testing, and the vaccine. We cannot match you with an attorney at this time but hope to have that capability up and running in the next few weeks. Since we do not currently have the resources to file lawsuits for individuals, know that we are currently working on a high-level national strategy to rectify this situation for all Americans. 

Have you looked into filing a religious/philosophical exemption with your employer? Take a look at this website and see what kind of exemptions are available in your state:


Here is another resource for a religious exemption

If you do go the exemption route, it is wise to have an attorney review your letter before submitting it to your employer. 

We are working on a variety of lawsuits against mandates, emergency orders, and violations of basic human rights. In addition, we are working to expose the mass disinformation campaign by federal government health entities and the media. Lawsuits like this can cost hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars along with countless hours. Please know our team is working around the clock to pursue these options that will affect many Americans. We are doing all we can and will continue to do so but we can’t protect everyone, help everyone, or fix this alone. We need people to stand up and say no.

Check out this quick video on Bodily Autonomy.  

Please remember that you do have a choice, you have the choice to say NO! It is not an easy choice to make. Many Americans have already chosen to seek new employment, some have even relocated. Do you want to work for an employer who will not respect your privacy and your medical decisions? What's next forced contraception or forced antidepressants? It isn't normal to allow our employers to violate or have a say over our bodily autonomy and we cannot accept this new normal. While finding other employment may not be ideal or your first option, it is something to consider. What happens if you all say no? We have seen health care facilities here in Idaho advertising they will hire the unvaccinated, as other employers see the demand we may see other companies doing the same. 

It is incumbent upon you and every other American to stand up and protect their rights. If you won’t stand up for yourself who will? It's always easier to stand with a group. Have you found a local group that is organizing peaceful protests in your area?  Follow your heart and continue to reach out to other like-minded people in your community. Get in contact with your coworkers and neighbors, organize and coordinate your actions, together you are stronger.

Check out our latest update:

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Yours in education and choice,

The HFDF Team

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