Thursday, November 2, 2017

CA Gas Tax Repeal: Campaign Co-Chairs Announced

RELEASE: Regional Chairs Announced for Statewide Gas Tax Repeal

With California's massive gas tax hike now in effect, the efforts to repeal the tax are in high gear – including today's announcement of regional chairs to help push forward the repeal of the statewide Gas Tax. Distribution of petitions begins on November 27, and these chairs help spearhead that effort across the state's regions.

"Today's announcement of our regional chairs should show the politicians in Sacramento that our grassroots coalition only continues to grow as Californians discover how much this tax will affect them – especially when they learn how the wasteful raid on the wallets of Californians won't actually go to repairing roads," DeMaio said. "Our coalition is fighting back, and I'm thrilled to have these leaders as part of the team," DeMaio concluded.

Chair: Carl DeMaio

Northern California Co-Chairs:
Katy Grimes – President, Sacramento Taxpayers Association
Pete Constant – Former San Jose City Councilmember

Southern California Co-Chairs
Kimberlin Brown – Businesswoman/Soap Opera Actress and Candidate for US Congress CA-36
Michael Alexander – Chairman, California Tax Limitation Committee
In addition, CA gubernatorial candidate John Cox will serve as honorary Chair and is assisting with fundraising efforts.

Facts about this massive hike:

-On November 1, 2017, Californians became subject to 12 cents more per gallon (20 cents more for diesel) at the pump.
-Estimates suggest it will cost each car owner as much as $500 per car, per year
-Auto registration fees will increase as much as $175 a year – striking the wallets of hard-working families across the state.
-The tax revenue goes into the state's General Fund, meaning there's zero guarantee the money will be used to actually 
fund the transportation "fixes" they claim will happen
-More than 45 events will be held across the state over the next 30 days to continue to grow the public awareness of the effort

Media avails can be arranged. Contact Dave McCulloch / 760-717-4100 or reply to this email.
More information on Carl DeMaio and Reform California's efforts to Stop the Gas Tax:

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