Saturday, November 18, 2017

Judge Roy Moore: Standing Their Ground, Fighting Back Against Corrupt Media


We wanted to stop and provide you with a brief update from the campaign. First, we thank you for hanging tough.  Judge Moore and Kayla have been under great strain as another string of attacks were leveled at them, and the national press did their part to pile on.

The Judge has stood strong - as we knew he would.  Our team - both staff and volunteers have stood strong with him.  First, we blew a massive hole in Gloria Allred’s allegations by challenging the veracity of the Judge’s signature in a high school yearbook. Then, more and more people began to stand up and come to our aid.

Allred now has made it clear that these are political attacks by saying that it no longer matters if the yearbook signature is fake or not.  What a joke.  Allred knows that this is a false allegation and is basically admitting that this is now being used as a political football.

Second, Allred’s client’s stepson came out and stated that he felt his mother was providing misleading information for reasons he could not understand.  Please see the links to Allred’s interviews here and the son’s interview here:

Gloria Allred Won’t Say if Roy Moore Yearbook Signature is Fake – “All I’m saying is, we’re not denying, we’re not admitting, we’re not addressing…”

Gloria Allred continued with odd responses during CNN Don Lemon interview:

Stepson doubts his mother’s story:

Meanwhile, as Allred’s attacks on Moore broke down, more supporters circled up to support Judge Moore.  The Alabama GOP, Congressmen Mo Brooks and Bradley Byrne, Governor Kay Ivey and many others have expressed strong support for the Judge and have suggested that outsiders stay out of Alabama’s political decisions.  Read more here:

On to victory!

Team Moore

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