Friday, November 17, 2017

Beach Cities Republicans: Keith Hardine and Gregory Brittain, Redlands Tea Party


Here was last meeting at the Beach Cities Republicans.

I had two years running this club, in the face of Establishment frauds and failures, as well as punishing attacks against men and women on the Left who wanted to stomp out any kind of conservative movement and energy in the South Bay.

Yet in spite of all the difficulties, the club actually accomplished a great deal:

1. We grew our numbers, and brought in people from throughout Los Angeles County to join, not just in the South Bay.
2. We made ourselves noticed and influential in the local and national press, at least as far as the Los Angeles Times is concerned.
3. The Beach Cities Republicans hosted a US Senate candidates' debate early on in 2016. I was able to get Duf Sundheim to attend, for example.
4. Men and women in the Southeastern LA County regions were able to connect with the conservative message and learn that there are indeed Republicans of diverse backgrounds who want to help all sections of Los Angeles County.
5. BCR Board members and general members stood up to the bullying, corrupt LA GOP Central Committee and embarrassed them with impunity.
6. One of the reasons I got involved as President was to stop the advance of liberal GOP-ism, aka Log Cabin Republicans, etc, which has nothing to do with the party's platform, and in fact surrenders the culture to the Left. I could not tolerate that happening. We won.
7. Members of the club informed me that they were glad for me standing my ground on key issues and ensuring a club that was conservative, rather than accommodating.
8. Our club made appearances at local city council meetings to challenge the status quo in many places.
9. We had incredible guests speak to the club over the two years that I was President, including Kurt Schlicther of, Eric Golub the comedian, and Michael Ramirez, the Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist.
10. I am also really proud of the fact that we turned the tide against the liberal trolls John Paul Tabakian and his petty cabal of left-leaning frauds. We even shut down their attempted power grab with the corrupt WestCal Academy into the Torrance City Council.
11. I believe that BCR has more money in its own bank the Central Committee.
12. In spite of competition and intrigue from Aurelio Mattucci and others on the Central Committee, the Beach Cities Republicans retain and grew in numbers, and I won re-election.

This was my last meeting as President, and for the foreseeable future I will not be attending future meetings unless time permits.

The great privilege for me in this last meeting was to invite Keith Hardine, a constitutionalist and activist for the truth of our country and our nation's founding values. He is an incredible speaker, and he taught me much of what I use to this day on college campuses.

Then I invited Gregory Brittain of the Redlands Tea Party and United IE to speak to our club.

He even drove all the way to the South Bay to do this engagement. I was so pleased. His points about the direction of the state and the country, the steps which we Americans need to take to hold onto our country, were all well-taken. They have forged an incredible coalition out there, and they are in everyone's face who needs to be confronted!

At the end of the meeting, I was able to share my final good-byes with key members of the club as well as new faces whom I had not seen before.

I look back at the two years that I was President, and here are the key moments which come to mind:

1. Hosting Latinos for Trump to speak to the club, specially in opposition to the cowardly hatred of the LAGOP Central Committee and leadership.

2. The Breakfast Buffet Celebration for our President Donald Trump!

3. Winning the first term as President on November 19, 2015. That day was the culmination of many incredible activities, including my visit to the FBI to report on Huntington Park, CA, Congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard, then delivering key documents to Congressman Ted Lieu's district office, and finally dropping off formal complaints at the US Attorney's office in Downtown LA.

I barely made it to the meeting on time, but I made it, and on top of that I won!

The next election was spectacular, since I defeated a second person running for the top spot, and the corrupt central committee worked with him to make him the next President, and we shut that down.

It was amazing to me how much I had to learn, that the Republicans in central committees and in state leadership are not committed to winning. They want to lose and blame everything but themselves for their never-ending failures. What a shame all around. I am interested in winning, or at least having fun while watching the government institutions in California collapse, so that we can start over and build from the bottom up.

I hope and intend to see the Beach Cities Republicans continue to grow as an active club, and that more people will see the group and its membership as an opportunity to make a difference, not just kill time. For me, the experience of being President was well worth many of the efforts. I was a trusted source of knowledge and insight into key conflicts in the party and around the state.

It was especially funny when KCAL 9 asked me for a statement about Presidents' Day and Republican victories in connection with President Trump, all while the local paper had reported on the corrupt Central Committee's decision to revoke our charter for false reasons.

Robin Hvidston of We the People Rising and The Remembrance Project provided an excellent meeting, too, in May 2017, which informed so many people about the dire consequences of illegal immigration. It was great fun to have successful activism ventures reported to the group, and to see more of them getting involved, too!

For now, I leave you with the video of the last meeting and the people who spoke in it, and I look forward to more victories and opportunities in the future for the state and our movement to succeed.

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  1. Beach Cities Republicans had a great year. The most ACTIVE Republican organization in Los Angeles for conservative causes. Debbie Bacigalupi presented a great reason to oppose the evil "United Nations, Sustainable Development, Agenda 21". Debbie drove 12 hours from Northern Kalifornia to share her knowledge with us. STOP Agenda 21 from imposing radical Socialism on our country.