Thursday, November 2, 2017

Rhode Island GOP Calls Out Dem. Governor's Abuse of Food Stamp Program

Rhode Island's Neediest to be Rescued by a Special Master
Warwick, RI -Today Chief U.S. District Court Judge William Smith appointed a Special Master to fix the food stamp delays. Basically, Judge Smith gave Rhode Islanders a new temporary governor for UHIP since Governor Raimondo has failed to do her job.

RI Republican Party Chairman Brandon S. Bell commented: "The UHIP system has failed Rhode Island's most neediest citizens for more than a year. Since she launched the system against the feds' advice, Governor Raimondo has shuffled several of her patronage appointees to make it look like she was holding people accountable. Also, she has not fired Deloitte." Bell added, while Governor Raimondo continues to attend out of state fundraisers and spend on her taxpayer funded PR staff, our neediest are counting on a new leader, Special Master Sherman, to get them through the last days of Raimondo's reign."

Bell concluded: "Fortunately a new Governor will be in place soon. The millions that will be spent by Raimondo on her re-election campaign will not change the fact that under her watch people went without the most basic necessities."

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