Wednesday, November 15, 2017

More Winning: California Majority Want Gas Tax Repealed

From the Desk of Carl DeMaio, who is leading a vocal and effective repeal to the Gas Tax"


Following up from my email yesterday, I really have to stress that we only have two weeks left to reach our funding target so we can commence signature gathering Nov 27 to repeal the Gas Tax in California.

Is there anything you can do today? We are running out of time – please do what you can asap!

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From: Carl DeMaio
Subject: Gas Tax Repeal Wins - but one catch
Date: Monday, November 13, 2017


Great news! The Los Angeles Times just reported a new statewide poll showing an overwhelming majority of California voters think the gas tax should be repealed!

There's just one catch: we have to collect the 500k signatures to force this issue on the ballot.  We kick off signature collection Nov 27 – just TWO WEEKS from today!

We are two-thirds the way to getting our funds we need to launch the petition drive.  Can you contribute anything today?  We really want to raise the funds *this week* because we know next week will be tough with Thanksgiving and all.

Please, please do what you can today! This poll shows what we know: If we get this on the ballot, the gas tax hike will be repealed!

All we need is the funding in place asap!  Only two weeks to go!

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Carl DeMaio

Chairman – Reform California

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