Friday, November 24, 2017

The Trump Agenda Will Make Southeast LA County Great Again

For the past two weeks, I have connected with Grassroots leaders activists and homeowners throughout the Southeast LA County Community. I'm talking about cities like Huntington Park, Bell Gardens, Cudahy, and the unincorporated section called Walnut Park. In the 1950's and 1960's, these cities were shimmering glorious communities. Homeownership, clean streets, high quality of life. These were communities which were the Envy of others throughout Los Angeles County and even the state. What happened?

Much of these working-class communities dependent on manufacturing die making furniture making jobs in these areas. Bad trade deals onerous regulations push these manufacturing jobs out of the Southeast LA area. Throughout the Southeast LA and the industrial tract in South Los Angeles, Goodyear, Firestone, another man your major manufacturing plants and firms were turning out product for the masses throughout the country. But when these factories closed due to Innovation, bad trade deals, and Regulatory burdens, along with them went the working-class communities which it forms the backbone for these cities.

Who ended up moving into these areas? Large migrant communities, which were focused on service and agriculture, moved in. And with them came the large Democratic voter franchise. They voted for more government, they voted for more subsidies welfare Etc. And what ended up happening was a large and growing morass of illegal aliens in these areas.

The quality of life diminished terribly, and the rise of crime and the diminution of the well-being of the area induced many more Property Owners to leave the area, and what kind of their place was more illegals, going for the under the table jobs, connecting with the MS-13 gangs, and the corrupt politicians who lie to them play the race card, and would induce Conflict by playing off their illegal status.

President Trump address three key issues in his campaign. One was Public Safety, the next was illegal immigration, and the last had to do with the bad trade deals which have eviscerated American Commerce and Manufacturing. Public Safety is on everybody's mind, particularly because of terrorism and gang violence. The gang violence connects to Illegal immigration which in turn has ruined the quality of life and her job opportunities and future prospects for Citizens and legal residents at General. Cracking down on illegal immigration has ensured more safety and these regions. Major institutions like The Bicycle Casino have been rated twice by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. I also wasn't Maywood, and they picked up the illegal aliens in El Monte and other areas throughout the Southeast LA and San Gabriel Valley areas.

But now it's time to address the manufacturing base which is been decimated, and what president Trump's agenda can do to bring those jobs back. A lumber mill just opened up in the city of Torrance, and other manufacturing firms have brought their jobs back and putting a tent making company. What do we need to do to bring back the tire manufacturing, or the die making, or to bring in manufacturing which focuses on computer electronics? What about car manufacturing? How about battery making and other manufacturing Industries. There are plenty of opportunities to make industry great again throughout the Southeast LA area, and it's time for local leaders to take every step they can to bring back quality trade and technical jobs so that the larger and growing worker and middle-income earners of Hispanic or black Heritage will find work again and find their prospects great again.

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