Monday, September 10, 2012

Why Students Hate Science

Science classes in American Schools are a terrible place to find any relevant information.

I know and believe why so many kids are turned off to science.

 I understand fully why our country lags behind when it comes to math and science.

In our science classes, we teach kids that they are the descendants of apes.
First of all, this theory has been discredited enough times, and the “community” of academics which insists on positing such nonsense does not make it true.

 What are we teaching our kids, when we give the impression that truth and error are a matter of number as opposed to viability?

I covered a science class at Hawthorne High School, and the students would tell me without hesitation that they did not believe what they were reading.

My own science teacher from my bio class in high school did not believe what she was teaching. The “evolution” stuff is ear-tickling folly for people who  refused to submit that their fallen finds to the truth.

Also, if I am the descendant of an ape, why learning anything? What’s the point? The truth about  right and wrong, and more importantly the life impulse of grace has no flow in the lives of the students.

 We need life, people, and we are not going to receive this life if we are not walking in truth. To tell kids that they are the descendants of apes is as cruel a hoax as anything.

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