Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tim Kaine: Resurrecting the Royal Offence of Taxes

No More Tax Tyrrany
I summon up the spirit of Patrick Henry in my mind when I consider the impact of the "Old Dominion on our nation's history:

"Give me liberty or give me death!"

This native Virginian helped lead the cause of the American Revolution in "Mother State" Virginia. The uproar across the colonies, from New England to the South, erupted against a monarchy which was laying on the colonists more rules, regulations, and taxes. The current administration parallels all too closely the expansion of state power at the expense of the individual, his interests, and private commerce. It would appear that another native Virginia, Tim Kaine, is more interested in resurrecting the same royal tyranny which lifted colonists off their knees and on their feet to bring down Big Government against the Little Guy.

From the Boston Tea Party to the Treat of Paris, the Americans who took up voice and arms against King George the Third and his hired mercenaries received to take on more tax without more say in the running of the imperial government.

How many times was the Royal Governor of Virginia deposed? How many rebellions had broken out in the past, sending the message that power belongs to the individuals, not for sale, not for taking, and certainly not for deposing by force. The seeds of rebellion against "Too Much Government" is on the rise again in Virginia, starting in 2009 with the election of Governor Bob McDonnell, the GOP sweep of the Congressional Delegation to eight seats, and now an open Senate Seat which can bring back a voice for Virginia and the country.

In one recent debate, former Governor Kaine tried to land an empty attack against his challenger, former Senator George Allen, and GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney with a hollow jibe at Romney's "47'% remark". While landing one attack, he shot himself in the foot, claiming that he would support taxes on everyone, including the poor and working class voters. This is just unacceptable.

Kaine is the former Democratic Party chairman. Do the voters of Virginia want six years of Washington tax-and-spend statism not representing their best interests in the US Senate, an upper chamber with a lower record of not passing anything, not even a federal budget? Virginia, the land named for the renowned Queen of England who defended her country from the attacks at home and abroad against the liberty of the English people, should remain the homestead for legislators who support the freedoms private enterprise, free markets, and individual liberty. George Allen deserves to return to the Senate on behalf of Virginia, not Washington D.C.

Kaine has enthusiastically endorsed Barack Obama, a President who has exploded our national debt with trillion dollar deficits, has advanced fiscal and monetary policies which have placed an unprecedented 40 million on food stamps, and who has disregarded our foreign allies with tepid responses to rebellion and desecration against our embassies. The nation's official unemployment rate hovers over 8 percent, yet the unofficial record suggests that twice that number is out of work, with a growing number of Americans giving up altogether. Obamanomics has failed, but Kaine would continue the same policies if he could.

Tim Kaine supports raising taxes on everyone, from the job creating small businesses who file as individuals, to the poor and working class voters who are looking for more help, not more government. This former governor, who wanted to foist a last-minute tax increase that failed, has no problem hitting on that tired argument of "more taxes" over again. Taxes and government monies cannot revive this economy -- just consider the fallout from the 2009 stimulus that did not stimulate.

This country threw out tyranny from far away over two hundred years ago. The same upset that led a tax-revolt into a revolution must begin anew. Instead of kicking out a king, the voters of Virginia must take a cane to Tim Kaine, the tax-and-spend liberal who will just resurrect the failed policies of Barack Obama, and shoo him away from ever taking the Senate seat in November.

To the voters of Virginia, please support and vote for George Allen for US Senate.

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