Monday, September 10, 2012

McCain and Graham Endorse Howard Berman

Manic Mavericks Sticking in the CA-30th
John McCain is just too maverick to make the right difference sometimes. Lindsey Graham has served his country as a judge-advocate and as one of the House Attorneys who prosecuted Bill Clinton in 1998 and 1999. He is drifting left, left, left, and he needs to be left, left, left behind in 2014.

McCain faced a serious primary challenge in 2010, which would have been all for the better if the other guy had won. He went from "partial amnesty" to "build the dang fence" -- these Senators do not pay as much attention to the will of the voters, sadly, because after reelection they do what they want for four to five years, then shift back to pandering to their base. Something must be done to stop this insanity.

Now these two senators are stepping in to shore up the dwindling support for Howard "Demo Machine" Berman in the 30th Congressional Race? They are going to be the kiss of death for Berman just like Obama's endorsement of Waxman will crimp his already cramped race against Bloomfield.

The Republicans in the Senate have better things to do, like shoring up the other GOP races for the Senate throughout the country. What business do they have, and what difference does it make for them to be sticking their noses in a little Valley house race in California?

As for Lindsey Graham, that guy is looking more and more like Richard Lugar. While claiming to cross the aisle in order to "help things along" in Washington, he ends up placating the Left with nothing to show for it.

Berman is part and parcel of the Berman-Waxman machine! End the reign of both incumbents!

Lindsey Graham is going the way of Richard Lugar -- a Republication who is more politick than statesman, who is crossing the aisle on the wrong issues, and still this country is dealing with debt and deficits.

Berman is Down -- Go, Sheman!
Retire John McCain!

Graham is out in 2014!

For the CA-30th, Go Brad Sherman, Go!

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