Monday, September 24, 2012

Coulter's Talk On Blacks, Immigration, and Civil Rights

"We owe black people something. We have a legacy of slavery." - Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter cultivates controversy as a rule. That's all well and good.

Most people engage in name-calling and femme-baiting only because she is outspoken without being needy or catty. I applaud this columnist and author for having the guts to give her point of view on "The View", where the view of those four "commentators" is blighted with self-absorbed elitism.

However, Coulter's recent comments on the "This Week with George Stephanopoulos" cannot go unchecked. The above cited statement just defies logic and reason -- and this coming from a conservative who has taken down the race-baiting of professional panderers like IR-reverend Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

Who is "we", Ann? "White" people? How many "white" people took up arms to fight and end slavery? More than gets the recognition.

"We" do not have legacy of slavery. Black people today do not have a legacy of slavery, either. No one in this country has the right to define the hardships for any human being.

I still remember talking to one gentleman from Alabama. He was a black man, and he told me that the racism he endured in California was worse! He said so because people pretended to respect him, yet in truth they treated him with prejudicial condescension. Another lady, raised in Grenada Mississippi, told me that when she was growing up, no one ever bothered her. She never had to contend with the Ku Klux Klan or any other institutional racism.

Black economist and columnist Thomas Sowell has overseen and published numerous studies which demonstrated that persecuted minorities actually thrive notwithstanding the institutional persecution of the state. On the other hand, affirmative action and welfare subsidies actually hurt the very people whom they are intended to help.
Coulter's comments are one more example of the insulting pandering that has been foisted on a group of people. She is still miming the same "guilty conscience" of the "white people" in the Republican Party, even the GOP now more than ever boasts of more diverse candidates, causes, and public officials than even the Democratic Party!

One person born into this country does not have to be defined by the experience of previous generations, and neither should other people of any color feel obliged to feel guilty. There is no freedom there.

I am tired of politicians and pundits who talk down to black people, as if they are weak and cannot make it in this world with the faith and facts and force which God has equipped them and every other human being in the world.

I am tired of people who look at someone of color and start feeling sorry for them. They deserve more respect than pity, as does every human being in the world.

I thought that this country had finally reached the level of "post-racial" society. The same politicians who have taken advantage of "race-baiting" are just so unwilling to let go and honor every voter in this country, regardless of his color or ethnic background.

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