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George Allen for US Senate

George Allen for US Senate
Suggesting an unprecedented realignment in Southern politics, Virginia is emerging as another swing state for the first time in nearly fifty years. Ever since Barack Obama took Virginia in the 2008 election, pollsters and pundits have kept a sharp eye on the “Old Dominion” State. However, the polling since 2009 and onward has suggested that contrary to the seeming Democratic trend which is creeping up in this Southern state, a Republic Renaissance is coming back into play.

Consider the sudden turnaround by Governor Bob McDonnell, in which he won the executive office by turning  back a lingering Democratic insurgence.  McDonnell took back the Governor’s Mansion by eighteen points against Creigh Deeds, who had the backing of Obama and the previous Democratic “resurgence of 2008”, which petered out, restoring Republicans to power throughout the entire state.

In 2010, three Congressional seats flipped Republican , further solidifying the trend that the Republican brand of limited government and fiscal discipline is still the winning choice.  Currently, eight of the eleven House seats remain within the GOP column.
Eric Cantor , another Virginian, serves as Majority Leader, a unique politician since he is a Jewish Republican and a signal that the Jewish committee in this country wants real leadership when it comes to defending Israel.
Now, Senator James Webb, who had served as an undersecretary of the Navy under Ronald Reagan, ran for the Senate seat in 2006 as a center-right candidate, and nothing in Virginia politics would suggest that this trend has changed. George Allen, a respected Governor and Senator for Virginia from 2001-2007, as well as serving as a Virginia Delegate and Congressman, ran for reelection in a bad year for Republicans, yet he only lost the election by one percentage point.

Senator George Allen has returned, ready to reclaim the seat that he lost by ten thousand votes, and he deserves the honor of return to Washington to serve “the Mother State” Virginia.
Since leaving the Senate for a six year hiatus, Allen has visited constituents throughout Virginia , getting his name out for everyone to know that he still cares about the “Old Dominion.” In spite of hollow attacks which suggest that Obama has not exploded the United States’ national debt, Allen accurately predicted that the Obama Administration is an executive “hell bent” on spending this country into oblivion.
Allen’s challenger, Tim Kaine, also served as governor of Virginia, yet the record for these two former leaders retains a study in contrasts. Allen pressed for welfare reform in his state, while Kaine was floating bonds for public education.
Allen’s positions on Balanced Budgets, foreign policy, and health care trump Tim Kaine’s stance on these issues, proving that the former head of the Democratic National Committee will be a rubber-stamp for Washington’s statist status quo liberalism instead of representing the center-right discipline which defines Virginia voters. ObamaCare must be repealed. The IRS reported that a conservative reading of the law will permit to hold back the federal subsidy working families if the primary member qualifies for health coverage from the employer. In a growing number of cases, employers will only cover the employee, yet the rest of the family will have no access to the federal subsidy as a result. Hospitals throughout the country are still struggling with hefty malpractice lawsuits, a terrible setback for hospitals which still need tort reform and seek protection from frivolous civil actions. Hospitals are closing in California, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey because of ObamaCare. "Bearing Drift" also reports that the “Un”-Affordable Care Act will slam businesses throughout Virginia while jacking up premiums by an average of $1,000. This law is hazardous to the health of the states and the entire country.

During his tenure in Virginia Governor’s Mansion, Tim Kaine's abysmal record indicates that the state lost 100,000 jobs. The former governor even attempted to pass a last-minute $4 billion tax hike, which thankfully failed after informed Virginians in the legislature and throughout the state killed the proposal.  
While in the Senate, George Allen supported the Bush Tax Cuts,  Even liberal-leaning “Politifact” supports Allen’s assertion that the federal budget would still be balanced. Allen also sponsored legislation to reimburse victims of terrorist attacks and to suspend the duties charged on purchasing appliances. He even authored legislation which would block the imposition of a federal tax on the Internet. Mr. Allen wants the individual consumer to keep his money, reason enough to send him back to the Senate.
Even though Tim Kaine currently leads Allen by two points, I believe that the greater knowledge that voters have about Senator Allen, his voting record on behalf of the voters as well as his stance on issues which affect the state of Virginia, they will be more inclined to reelect Senator Allen and bring a conservative voice to Washington, with experience not just in legislating, but respecting the Constitution, individual liberty, fiscal discipline, and ensuring that the federal government recognize its enumerated powers and respects the rights of the states and the people.
To the voters of Virginia, please re-elect George Allen for US Senate on November 6th.

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