Monday, September 24, 2012

Richard Tisei for MA-6th!

Richard Tisei: Republican for Congress in the MA-6th
Earlier in his unprecedented campaign, veteran state senator and Congressional challenger Richard Tisei (R-Massachusetts) asked for five hundred pennies from individual voters to help unseat embattled incumbent John F. Tierney.

I did not have the proper packaging to send five hundred copper coins of the realm to the Commonwealth, but I am offering my two cents on Richard Tisei, the former state senator who served the Bay state with distinction for twenty-six years, then ran for lieutenant governor on 2010. He is not just a seasoned politician, but a real estate agent who understands the importance of balancing budgets in the public as well as the private sector.

At first, I could not believe what I was reading when I learned about the MA-6th race: a gay Republican running for Congress, although I prefer his appellation: “Live and Let Live Republican.”The mix seemed unlikely, uncanny, unbelievable. I am saddened that he is campaigning in a state where being “gay” is less controversial than being “Republican”, but I hope that Tisei will be the first of many brave politicians who will change that perception.

For the first time in two decades, a Republican has real and growing change of winning a House seat in the Bay State. I was thrilled when I learned that Barney Frank, of Dodd-Frank, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac infamy, was retiring. Now I have a more positive reason to root for the Bay State because bipartisan yet unashamed Republican Richard Tisei is leading the way for a limited government resurgence in the North East.

I just had to look at the legislative demographics in the Massachusetts state legislature. I cannot believe that the Massachusetts legislature is more than three to one Democratic! Even the state of California is not nearly as divided. I applaud legislators like Tisei who are not afraid to stand with the red party of limited government, individual liberty, and private enterprise in a state which is overwhelming blue.

While looking for stray coins to throw into Tisei’s surging campaign coffers, I realized that I can think of 16 TRILLION reasons why to vote for him: the national debt. The overwhelming obligations which will weigh on future generations is a disgrace, and we need men and women in government who will do something to stop the spending. The Democratic Party pushed a health insurance mandate-tax on this country, one which even US Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren has opposed in part.

I was especially pleased when the Gloucester Times printed a letter from a local resident who supports Obama, but will vote for Tisei. Ms. Maureen Flatley of Essex cited the ongoing corruption charges against embattled incumbent John Tierney, whose wife served a prison sentence for tax fraud related to her brothers’ illegal gambling operation. It is conceivable then that Tierney would win another term in 2010, but it now appears that he will not have “Lady Luck” on his side this time.
Other dubious distinctions of Congressman John Tierney include his refusal to part with gifts which he received while his wife’s brothers were running their gambling operation.

His voting record also suggests that he is out of the mainstream, and certainly not out for the best interests of his district, his state, or the country. Tierney voted against Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2012, Temporary Payroll Tax Cut Extension, and Cut, Cap and Balance Act of 2011. He even voted against the “No More Solyndras” Act, which would protect taxpayer
dollars from being invested in wasteful green tech companies.

Yet Tierney voted for ObamaCare, the same law which was so unpopular, that native son Republican state senator Scott Brown won the US Senate seat vacated by the recently deceased Ted Kennedy in three-to-one Democratic Massachusetts. He also supported the abortive Cap and Trade bill of 2009, which would have killed millions of jobs and sent already struggling industries overseas. John Tierney is out of touch and out of date with the voters of Northwestern Massachusetts. It’s time to retire Tierney for good.(Tierney's Voting Record)

I am convinced that political candidates like Tisei are the future of the Republican Party and the better interests of the country. He is a pragmatic libertarian on social issues, an impulse which a growing number of conservatives, including fiscal hawk Rand Paul of Kentucky, are inclined to accept in order to help the GOP compete across the country.

The Bay state has lost one Congressional seat to redistricting. Why should the voters of Massachusetts suffer with nine knee-jerk partisans who support nothing but taxing and spending this country into oblivion? The nation is broke, and the liberal establishment does not want to fix it. This country’s entitlements that are leading this country into bankruptcy, but bipartisanship from Richard Tisei will help end the bickering and get Washington doing its job for the people. An independent mind and supporter of free enterprise are the order of the day, so I ask every in the 6th Congressional to vote for Richard Tisei for Congress!

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