Monday, September 17, 2012

Response to "Compromise Was Key to Crafting Constitution"
The Wisconsin State Journal's article on the core component of compromise in creating the Constitution was a welcome piece of political science and American political history.
Indeed, compromise was key to crafting the Constitution, and we should applaud the stern diligence of the delegates. Moreover, I am certain that the editorial board offered this piece in part to criticize our current Congressional leaders, who refuse to compromise.

Unfortunately, compromise in the name of “getting things done” has also led to the raid on our individual liberties and has compromised the sovereignty and autonomy of the states.

Through calculated compromise, Democrats and Republicans have exploded the public debt with trillion dollar deficits and entitlement spending, handouts, bailouts, and ultimately selling out the core principles and the enumerated powers of our Constitution.

“Tea Party” Congressman refuse to budge unless the federal government cuts the spending and limits the scale and scope of government. After fifty years of pretended claims and broken promises, voters in this country are sending representatives to Congress who will stop and nothing to stop the spending, even if it means preventing the raising of the debt ceiling and shutting down the federal government.

The path of spending, government waste, and revenue loss cannot continue, and compromise will  mean nothing without real cuts.

If compromise is going to work, then every member of Congress must agree to lose something for their constituents, for their war chests, or we will all lose this country under a tsunami of debt.

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