Thursday, September 27, 2012

Black Republican Celebrities -- No Kidding!

This is the kind of reporting that we need to see more of.

They are out there, just that either the Mainstream Media does not want to report on these trends, or the actors are afraid of the negative backlash from Hollywood Elites.

Then again, the "race card" which muzzles commentators about minoritie may be the same trope that will muzzle criticism against these celebrities because they support conservative candidates and causes.

The Republican party can do a better job of reaching out to the  minority vote. After four years of the first real "Black President" -- unemployment is still higher for Blacks and Hispanics. The economy has not entered into a robust recovery, and our liberties are fewer while government is still greater.

The time for a political realignment is near. The FDR legacy of minorities switching to the Democratic party is receding ever so slowly, never to return.

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