Monday, September 17, 2012

About Guy Benson's Chances of a GOP Takeover in the Senate

Polls are going one way then another. The GOP will retake the Senate: 55-45 at least. Sometimes I read Guy Bensons's commentaries, and either he is purposely subduing his comments and critiques so that voter will not grow complacent and thus neglect to vote, or he is suffering from a straing of "Mainstream Media" madness, which floats a dead-heat in print, yet by election day, the conservative vote scores big, by at least ten points (viz., the Wisconsin gubernatorial recall in June).

Nebraska and North Dakota were a foregone conclusion for the GOP before the election year even began.

Wisconsin is the GOP suprise that the Mainstream Media refuses to recognize: Go, Tommy, Go!

Scott Brown will keep the seat in Massachusetts, but by the slimmest of margins.

Todd Akin is going to win Missouri -- stop the cynism, pundits!

Montana is going to Rehberg -- not open for debate.

Brian Heller in Nevada is doing just fine.

Indiana is Mourdock's, no question about it.

Connecticut's Linda McMahon is manning a magnificent campaign, tapping into voter angst and outrage against the Democratic Party in a left-leaning state.

Virginia, Ohio, and Florida need help -- there is no excuse for those states to slip out of GOP control.

The GOP's support for the Democrat and the Republican in Maine is a brilliant move. If it worked for LePage, then why not for Charlie Summers?

Pennsylvania: Understandably, Bob Casey's social conservative will draw away gun-rack, conservative Democrats. The Keystone State elected Republican Pat Toomey last term -- maybe there's enough electoral electricity to shake up that race, too? West Virginia is a similar puzzle, with conservative voters still voting for a Democrat out of tradition.

The GOP needs to break out their not-so-secret weapon in New Mexico: rising star Governor Susanna Martinez, a success story and successor in leadership and outreach to the Hispanic community.

I wish that the RNC would take another look at California. Ms. Elizabeth Emken is a promising candidate against "Entrenched Wench" Dianne Feinstein. I met the advocate for children with autism this past weekend, and she had enthusiasm and energy to capitalize on voter appall and apathy.

Hawaii is a long-shot luau, but if former Governor Linda Lingle can play her centrist, independent, cross-the-aisle campaign consistently, at least she could make the former Island Kingom a possible oasis for a Republican renaissance.

New Jersey's  Robert Menendez is a "flabby" candidate, but Joseph Kyrillos needs more than Christie's endorsement to make any headway in that state. Same situation in Maryland, where the Democratic machine is even stronger than in the Garden State.

Delaware and Rhode Island: a fantastic turn around, but not in this election cycle, or in any cycle to come (unless Delaware's former Congressman at large Mike Castle is willing to come out of retirement in the First State, and a "Lincol Chafee RINO-clone takes on Sheldon Whitehouse)

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