Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mitt Romney -- More Modest than Moderate


John Hawkins led the charge against Mitt Romney for President. Romney is a generous man, not just proven by his tax records, but by his charitable works toward veterans and the disabled.

Mitt Romney was a diligent conservative in Massachusetts, vetoing eight hundred bills in the face of a tax-and-spend legislature dominated nearly four to one by the opposition.

He has campaigned for seven years, learning every step of the way, leaning ever closer for the win.

He fought past multiple challenges, even within his own party.

I wish that I had learned all of these accounts sooner.

I would have been more inclined to vote for the guy.

I cannot believe that the GOP has done such a poor job of presenting that goodness that defines much of what this man does for this family, his home state, and the country.

Romney's campaign is going to be the nail in the coffin for the mainstream media. Shame on these news outlets which can find nothing to indict except the failing off-hand flubs of a governor who has more experience leading instead of campaigning, a stark contrast to the current President, who has done nothing but campaign yet refuses to lead.

This country would be well served by Mitt Romney.

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