Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Made a King over "We Got You Fired!"

I am royalty, exiled far from the earth.

I do not belong to this fallen world, for I am no longer a fallen man.

How else could I walk in the ways of the world, except very painfully?

Thank you again, R.G. for shaming me.

For the shame has no place on a man who has a royal name.

Yet the peasants and beggars of the poor world, all they can do is laugh and blame the one who has everything, simply because they refuse to believe that everything can be theirs, too.

I am royalty, and kings get to sit.

I am royalty, and therefore you cannot  make me leave my throne, even if I am provoked to do so.

No amount of mockery will take away the fame that has been bestowed, released, and sent to me forever me.

This grace, this is the grace that makes the life of man worth living.

How else would you have treated me, then, but with such contempt. That was your fault, and will remain that way.

I wear the shame with honor, for the shame is not mine, and in fact the greater the reproach, the closer that I approach the throne of grace.

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