Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pro-Choice is Pro-Life

This is a tragic world. To compound the sins of rape and incest with a forced pregnancy is too much to consider.

These matters must be decided at the most local level of government possible.

The federal government, including the Supreme Court, has no business dictating to doctors and mothers, nor does the federal government have any business stepping in to decide whether an unborn baby should live or not.

I am pro-Life. Life begins at conception. Sperm and egg form a new life as soon as one enters the other. This fraught and wonderful miracle cannot be disputed.

Yet daily life has the terrible realities of people getting hurt, and the cruel necessities which follow rape or incest or the unplanned danger to the mother cannot permit the determination to choose one or another exclusively in the power of an act of legislation.

I am pro-Choice, as well.

There is no life without choice, there is no choice without life.

God forbid I should submit the following moral line:

"Abortion should be safe, legal, and rare."

I would add "extremely" to the rare element. This extremity, though, has been repudiated by the Democratic Party, even to the removing of the same language which Keynote Speaker Bill Clinton interpolated into his Presidential campaign twenty years ago.

Pro-Choice is Pro-Life -- this should no longer be a wedge issue at the state or national level.

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