Thursday, September 27, 2012

More Democrats Bailing on Obama

Rob Taub is a disgruntled Democrat.

He does not like President Obama, and he feels more inclined to vote for Romney.

If he and other like-minded liberals, those who do not like Obama and would not mind if he lost in November, chose not to vote at all, then all things would turn out for the better with the Romney-Ryan camp.

The Democratic base is as alienated as every with the current Vanity-in-Chief, a politician who does not like to "campaign", who does not like to get into the nitty-gritty of politics.

Since his days as a disgruntled community organizer, Obama has been a disgruntled elitist, a progressive who believes that he is right, and therefore has not need to run his ideas by other people or even to work with others in order to accomplish anything.

The chief executive has issued one executive order after another, with little respect to show for the political process as outlined by the Constitution. This former constitutional law professor has openly criticized the United States Supreme Court, once during a state of the union speech, because they  respected the integrity of the citizenry to donate money to political campaigns and causes as they saw fit.

President Obama also denigrated the Court for taking the role of striking down major legislation, as he anticipated that the Court was going to strike down his Affordable Care Act. The Court upheld the mandate as a tax by the slimmest of margins, 5-4, with Roberts seeking to maintain the counter-majoritarian independence of the Court from the rough-housing politics of the current regime and decade.

More Democrats are bailing on Obama, though, just as Republicans gave up on the Bush-GOP brand four years ago. This building disillusionment with the political process is engaging more trouble for the Establishment in both parties, just the thing to shake up the Beltway complacency of spending what this country does not have on things that we do not need.

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