Sunday, September 23, 2012

Thank You, Peggy!

"Time for an Intervention"
Wall Street Journal Columnist Peggy Noonan hit the nail on the head. The Romney campaign needs an intervention, and it needs it right now.

Party leaders are streaming in, with reports suggesting that they have been thanking Noonan for cutting through the crap and demanding that the Romney machine get busy.

There is no reason why this embattled, embittered incumbent President Barack Obama should be hovering three to five points ahead of Romney in swing states like Florida or even Ohio, where Obamanomics have devastated housing, tourism, and the manufacturing industries of the Steel now turned Rust Belt.

Has anyone forgotten about ObamaCare? This outrageous mandate will foist highers taxes on six million people in this country, and they cannot find work, let along pay a higher tax for health insurance. The IRS has interpreted the legislation to push out working families, yet the same families will still be on the hook for the mandate/tax poised to bring them down.

President Obama has overseen one of  the most abortive foreign policies in recent memory. Muslim attackers have wounded and killer our armed forces in this country (Fort Hood comes to mind)

Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan has pushed forward adequate budget proposals

Governor Romney, the presidential candidate, is too scripted, too dependent on the saged saws of experts.

He is gathering money, but he is not gathering support.

He is making a case, but he is not winning it.

He has run for seven years for the Presidency, apparently, yet timid to the end, he refuses to run on his record or attack the record of his opponent with any panache.

He was partly right to indicate that half the people in this country are receiving assistance from the government.

Our veterans receive benefits because they benefited this country with their service, their lives.

If people have paid into an entitlement program, then you are entitled to receive your investment back from the government. If someone is taking two to three times as much as they put into the system, then the federal government must implement reforms to put an end to this nonsense.

He is wrong to assume that it's their fault, or a pulse of venality which motives them to "take" without doing anything. This gaffe will blow over, but if Romney does not get in the game, then he might as well blow off this entire race.

Thank you, Peggy Noonan for telling it like it is!

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