Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rand Paul's Random Thoughts Deserve Real Scrutiny

Rand Paul:
Recruiting Libertarians

Libertarians are the future of the GOP, according to Rand Paul, the ophthalmologist son of obstetrician Ron Paul, the libertarian avant-garde of the Republican Party who has brought more attention to the Austrian Economists and the dangerous role of inflation in our economy.

Libertarians fit more squarely with a party platform of less government. Marriage as a private matter, no more War on Drugs, ending the IRS -- the social issues are killing many promising Republican candidates along the West Coast and in the North East. Why should the Democratic Party scoop up 170 votes before the Primaries have decided the Democratic and Republican candidates for President?

The leader of the movement to "End the Fed', Dr. Ron Paul supported his upstart son to take on the GOP Establishment, winning the GOP primary in Kentucky against the Establishment pick in 2010, then cruising to a ten-point win over the Democratic Attorney General, one who aired offensive slurs for negative attack ads against the son of Paul.

Despite some early slips, including a near-horrendous interview with Rachel Maddow shortly after his primary win, Rand Paul has connected with constituents as well as members of both caucuses in the Senate. He has staunchly opposed budget deals which grow the debt instead of cut spending. He has voted many times with the Democratic opposition just to outline his disapproval with half-measures which avail nothing when it comes to cutting real spending.

Rand is leading the way for a "Right to Work" petition, as well, taking away the power of public sector unions in the federal government and throughout the several states.

His persuasion powers have accomplished more than his father's after nearly three decades in the House of Representatives.

Rand Paul for President, anyone?

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