Monday, September 17, 2012

"The Jewish Journal" and the 33rd Congressional District Race

The Jewish Journal printed a piece on the unprecedented Congressional campaign in the newly drawn 33rd Congressional District. After so much asking, they came through at least. Thank you!

I was not pleased with the mark-up of Independent Bill Bloomfield. The Manhattan Beach native may be running from his Republican past, but Henry Waxman cannot retreat from his liberal-progressive record of tax and spend statism, a political posture unknown and unwelcome in the South Bay, as well as losing respect and support in Southern California.

 In spite of disagreeing with some of Bloomfield’s positions on issues, I believe that he is a better fit for the South Bay, than a Congressman who has not yet launched a real campaign. The Santa Monica Bay deserves better than an “entrenched incumbent” running  for an unprecedented nineteenth term touting oversight hearings into steroid use, ObamaCare, and failed loan guarantees.

Waxman even admitted that he was asking for help: “This is a time when I really need it.” Finally, incumbents like Waxman are learning that they have to earn their seat in Congress.

Hopefully, the Berman-Waxman machine is coming to a long-overdue end. On November 6th, voters should elect Bill Bloomfield and Brad Sherman.

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