Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Only Polling that Matters: Election Day!

The only polling that matters is on election day!

The polling is going up, down all around, and the inanity of it all should be enough to dissuade individual voters from giving the numbers any real truck or truth.

The only poll that matters is on -- election day.

Do not let the polling one way or another determine whether you go out and vote or not.

You and I, we cast the votes, we define the one poll that matters, on election day.

With the proliferation of news media, of electronic means for tracking public opinion, perhaps the central media outlets will have to put aside their claim to know the final tally every time.

Karl Roll just went over the more precise metrics which outline the results. He pointed out the diverse exit polling which outlined which voters went to the voting booths in the swing states Ohio and Florida.

He has also reminded viewers that Jimmy Carter was polling ahead of Ronald Reagan in 1980. Carter was an established liberal and an incumbent, much like the current president. Then as well as now, the mainstream media leans toward promoting the left leaning candidate, especially if he or she is an incumbent.

Now more than ever, voters' opinions are shifting more quickly. One media flap gives way to a gaffe from the opposition candidate. I believe that the voters in this country are more informed than during previous elections. The proliferation of media has engaged small candidates to take advantage of "word of mouth" promotion instead of spending millions of dollars. Now more than ever, a persuasive message is more important a big bank account.

Do not let the polls lie, discourage, dissuade, or render you complacent. Get the word out on the candidates and the causes you support, get to polls, and vote!

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