Monday, September 17, 2012

Elizabeth Emken for US Senate

Elizabeth Emken, mother of three, advocate for children with autism, is running for the US Senate.
She is running against Diane Feinstein, one of the most unremarkable legislators in Washington.
Since 1992, Feinstein has glided into office without any hindrances. In 1994 Michael Huffington of Brentwood was the last Republican who offered a fighting challenge against the former mayor and supervisor from San Francisco.
Now, here comes Elizabeth Emken. Initially, I was not interested in the California Senate race, convinced that one more time Feinstein was going to cruise to victory in a Deep Blue Democratic State against a marginal Republican challenger.
This past Saturday, Liz Emken paid an unprecedented visit to the Manhattan Beach Republican Women’s Federation headquarters. Her enthusiasm, her presentation, and her down-to-earth charm convinced me that this woman has more than a fighting chance against Feinstein, an “entrenched incumbent” who left her seat in the middle of an interview with ABC 7 reporter Mark Matthews.
Refusing to debateEmken, Feinstein claimed that she is running her “own campaign”, then she walked off, leaving an empty seat. California will still have an empty seat in Washington if Feinstein is reelected, a rubber stamp for Beltway Progressivism which is bankrupting this country and the state of California.
Electoral reforms are forcing incumbents to earn their seats, instead of merely waiting for a “coronation”, as the LA Times snidely termed Feinstein’s presumption.
Emken cares about the state, or kids, and the future. Vote for Emken for US Senate.

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