Sunday, September 30, 2018

Yes, John Cox Can Become California's Next Governor

Brian Harrington is helping out Orange County candidates.

He outlined below why John Cox and other statewide Republican candidates can win:

It’s happened else where, as blue states turn to Republicans to get their fiscal mess in order.
Everyone “knows” that a Republican like John Cox can’t be elected Governor in California because the state is just too blue, right?

Well, the people of Maryland, Massachusetts, Illinois, or Maine might not know that. Each of those states elected a Republican governor even though they are as blue, or even bluer, than California.

In Maine, Republican Governor Paul LePage has taken incredible steps to enact effect policies and reforms. The state has constitutional carry, comprehensive welfare reforms. First Amendment rights are respected and protected once again.

The last major poll from Sabato's Crystal Ball for Maine's Governor race shows the contest as a toss-up. It's very likely that another Republican will succeed Paul LePage! Let's see how things turn out.

Conventional wisdom was wrong in these other states for the same reason it is wrong in California. Voters there didn’t elect a Republican politician, they elected an outside businessman who happened to be a Republican.

Yes. I did vote for Travis Allen, but I have no problem with John Cox, especially since he won a considerable amount of voter support and has the money to combat statewide.

This is going to be good!

That’s just what John Cox is. He’s not a politician, he’s a successful businessman who has personally created hundreds of jobs and will right California’s fiscal ship, starting with repealing the gas tax that is killing the state’s middle class. And Cox will force the left-wing legislature to curb profligate spending.

Yes. Let's also hope that Cox will curb the other extravagant lawlessness coming out of Sacramento, too.

Raised by a single mom when his father abandoned the family, Cox pulled himself out of poverty and put himself through college in two and a half years before embarking on a highly successful career in business. But he never forgot his roots on the south side of Chicago, where entrenched bureaucrats who owed their positions to cronyism and corruption ran government as they do now in California. It inspired a lifelong commitment to fighting corruption and cronyism, something at the heart of his current run for Governor which both Newt Gingrich and President Trump have endorsed.

These endorsements carried considerable weight, especially from President Trump. That endorsement made all the difference. At first, I was shocked and outraged. Cox did not support President Trump in 2016. Yet Trump is considering the crucial importance of his agenda and the House of Representatives. If there was no Republican at the top of the ticket for California's elections, the down-ticket would have suffered terribly.

Unlike John Cox, Gavin Newsom inspires little confidence as a leader. As a prominent journalist has noted, Newsom is “the living embodiment of privilege.” 

Where are all the liberal SJWs to blast his white privilege? Why aren't they demanding Gas Tax Gavin to spread the wealth?!

Blessed with deep family connections to the wealthy, powerful, and politically connected, Newsom was gifted with a gilded path in life. Possessed of good looks, Gavin pursued politics, where he could perform for the cameras and pontificate from on high. As in life, his political path was facilitated by privilege and patronage, having been appointed to both the San Francisco Parking Commission and the Board of Supervisors by Willie Brown, who also engineered his election as Mayor.

Gavin Newsom has never worked a day in his life. He has no business serving as our Governor. This guy missed 2/3 of his meetings as Lieutenant Governor for the last 8 years. Shameful.

Though he has enjoyed public attention, Newsom has not been fond of doing the hard work of a public officeholder. As Lieutenant Governor, Newsom missed as many as two-thirds of the public board and commission meetings he was supposed to attend and once told an interviewer he only went to work in Sacramento “one day a week, tops… It’s just so dull.”

Now Gavin Newsom, this son of privilege, wants a promotion. Worse, he thinks he’s entitled to it.

And he's not.

While Cox has been readily accessible to the public, Newsom has essentially hidden from it, appearing only at carefully crafted friendly venues where he can avoid answering tough questions. Newsom’s hometown, San Francisco — once a crown jewel of not just the state but the nation — continues to descend into slum-like conditions with streets crowded by drug addicts and the homeless which can be traced directly to his “leadership.” Property crimes have skyrocketed. Nearly a quarter million needles and syringes are picked up from the streets there every month. Human waste is piled up all over the city. Understandably, visitors are pledging to never return and conventions are being canceled because of the crime and filth.

San Francisco is a shit-hole, and Gavin Newsom is a big part of it.

With such a failed record of leadership, it’s no wonder that Newsom is dodging needed public debates with John Cox. He is counting on Democrats to cast a reflexive vote for him as the Democratic candidate even though he is untested and will surely sign backbreaking legislation that even Jerry Brown wouldn’t touch. Newsom could literally send the state over the fiscal cliff, particularly with Gov. Brown quietly whispering that California is headed for a recession. The state created only 800 jobs last month.

When we protested Gavin Newsom's visit to Tustin, a grant total of 40 people showed up. It was sad. There were just about as many people protesting Gavin Newsom as there were people going there to celebrate the creep.

John Cox has proven himself to be a winner, having vanquished the state’s former Superintendent of Public Instruction, the state’s Treasurer and a former Mayor of Los Angeles, all Democrats who between them and their allies spent nearly $40 million opposing him. Cox beat them all, and he’s pledged to spend the resources needed to defeat Gavin Newsom this Autumn.

These are sound assessments. John Chiang got taken down like a boss, along with Antonio Villaraigosa and Delaine Eastman. They all played the race card in their vain hopes of winning another top spot to ruin the state of California.

The race for Governor of California will be a spirited contest between John Cox, a self-made businessman and dedicated political reformer, and Gavin Newsom, a child of privilege who thinks he’s entitled to the office. All the ingredients are in place for California to shock the nation come November, as other blue states have recently done, by electing a Republican businessman who will attack problems with genuine, potent solutions. Voters know that California is at a crossroads, and they want a genuine leader who actually has the chops to fix the problem. That man is John Cox.

Final Reflection

Two polls show John Cox gaining on Gavin Newsom. He has achieved an even parity with Newsom among Hispanic voters, many of whom are hurt disproportionately about Sacramento Democrat policies.

Cox can win this, and we need to support him.

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