Sunday, September 9, 2018

After Obama's Sad California Rally, Democrats Should Prepare for a Bad November

The Democratic Party is banking on a blue wave for Election 2018. A few high-profile special elections have gone to Democrats, especially in red areas like Southern Pennsylvania and Alabama. Legislative seats throughout the country in historically red area have gone blue as well. However, special elections differ significantly from normal primary and even general election turnouts. Republicans won a House seat in Hawaii during a special election in 2010. Republicans took back the house in the 2010 Tea Party Wave, but Democrats won their seat back.

For Election 2018, Democrats cannot expect significant gains. Trump has delivered on many promises, and the Democrats have overextended their vitriol. The media can’t cover for their craziness anymore. In fact, they seem more worried than excited about their prospects. Enough that former President Barack Obama paid a visit to Orange County, California to rally for seven House candidates. They are targeting five incumbents and competing for two open seats. Why bring out the big guns when your chances are looking so good? Roll Call even indicated House races in five states, including California, will determine who controls the House next year. But here comes Barry, anyway.

When Obama announced that he was campaigning in California for House candidates, I had to be there. At the last minute, twenty-five of us Trump supporters in the Orange County-Los Angeles County area showed up to make our presence known. The President and his press agents didn’t release the time and location of his rally until two days before. Judging by how small the turnout turned out, it’s easy to see why Democrat organizers were reluctant to offer specifics about the rally location.

Why Orange County, anyway? Why not Los Angeles or San Francisco? Democrats are hoping for gains in this conservative district because Hillary Clinton won a majority in Orange County, specifically in Congressional seats represented by Republicans. They actually think they can flip these seats during the midterms. This logic is flawed, especially since the incumbents far outpaced the Presidential nominees to win back their districts. Incumbency in smaller races helps their chances going forward. Despite all the reports that California is a wasteland of faded liberals, welfare queens, and illegal aliens, many die-hard Trump supporters are fighting to Make California Great Again. Our team of activists has grown to the extent that we have former Bernie and even Jill Stein supporters rallying for Donald Trump and Republican candidates. Some of those Democrats have joined our ranks and want Trump to succeed.

Obama with a fellow Anti-Semite

How many people showed up? Despite the long line, the Democratic turnout was pretty sad. For all the tickets which had been offered to see Obama in person, organizers were still giving them away thirty minutes after he had shown up. They couldn’t offer the tickets fast enough, it seemed. What’s worse, the organizers first intended for Obama to speak in one of the larger ballrooms. Then they changed the venue to something much smaller.

The Washington Post reported that a grand total of 900 people attended the rally. Another reporter told me directly that about 750 to 800 showed up. Really? In Arizona last year, 15,000 people packed into the Phoenix convention center, and then there were the crowds outside, both supporters and detractors; in Billings, Montana last week, 10,000; at the Evansville, Indiana rally, 11,500 packed into the Ford Auditorium, with 2,000 more waiting outside, with 7,000 people in Elkhart, Indiana in May. How about the 9,000 who came to the Wilkes-Barre rally in Pennsylvania? Trump draws massive crowds in swing states and red states. I can’t wait for Trump to come back to California and draw an even more favorable comparison.

Of the 700 plus liberals who showed up, most are the abusive activists who have flipped off conservatives or cursed at, yelled at, and overwhelmed city council meetings throughout Orange County over the last nine months. Their vain attempts to stop the growing opposition to California’s odious sanctuary state law haven’t paid off. The frustrated rage of the Orange County (and the California) Democratic Party merely reflects their desperation for Election 2018. Old women in line to see Obama made obscene gestures at us Trump supporters. The younger generation played the race card or called Trump a fascist traitor. None of them could explain why.

In contrast to Trump’s epic speeches rallying the faithful, Obama’s speech was a middling exhortation. As expected, he spent more time talking about himself, including youthful days of deviance when he was caught smoking at Disneyland, when he was forced to leave. Forgive me for asking, Barry, but weren’t you supposed to be “testifying to how wonderful these candidates are”? Democrats are targeting seven house seats in California, although some ambitious activists have included three more long-shots. The Democrats brought him in to bring in money, resources, and volunteers, right?

After twenty minutes of talking about himself, Obama briefly touched on the life and professional history of the featured candidates. Strangely enough, one of the seven didn’t even show up. Another one, Gil Cisneros, has been accused of sexual misconduct, and yet Democrats are ignoring this.  Two of the Democratic Congressional candidates hail from the Central Valley. What were they doing in Orange County? Couldn’t Obama have roused the faithful in Kings, Fresno, and Stanislaus counties? No way, since left-wing Obama would be a massive drag on any Democratic ticket in the Centrist Central Valley. Democrats in that region tend to be more conservative than Republicans in Los Angeles County!

While pundits assume that California Democrats love Obama, a growing number see him as nothing more than a corporate shill who bailed out banks and insurance companies. Bernie Sanders supporters have all but taken over the Democratic Party in California. Obama is not just the past, but a sad reminder of how far the Democratic Party has fallen, and his pitiful Anaheim rally proved these points. When Obama comes to California, and no one shows, Democrats had better lower their expectations for November.

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