Thursday, September 13, 2018

RINO ALERT: Closet Democrat Andria Tupola Supports New State Property Tax

RINO ALERT:  Closet Democrat Andria Tupola
Supports New State Property Tax

Just Five Short Months Ago, Tupola
voted YES to create the new tax

Aloha, Republicans:

Let’s get something straight. The state Republican Party and the Republican National Committee (RNC) and the national Republican Governors Association (RGA) unanimously conclude that RINO Andria Tupola doesn’t stand a chance in her ridiculous campaign for governor. They won’t even donate one penny to her or even give her decent odds. HIRA has been given several reasons from sources in these Republican organizations. First, she’s no Republican. She votes liberal which means she’d GOVERN liberal. Uh, no thanks. Second, since everyone knows she’s really another liberal masquerading as a conservative, she can’t raise enough money to beat David Ige, even though the issues in 2018 should favor Republicans after how badly Democrats have mismanaged Hawaii’s economy, cost of living, and state government. But Tupola is no reformer. She just goes along with Democrats to get along. Third, she resorts to taking legal action against HIRA to keep her lousy voting record a secret -- such as her shocking vote just 5 months ago IN FAVOR of creating a brand new State Property Tax which will increase rents and prices for many, many people in Hawaii.
RINO Andria Tupola has repeatedly threatened to shut down HIRA's Facebook page for telling the truth about her horrible voting record since she was first elected to the State House of Representatives. She's tried everything to shut us down and keep us quiet. Legal action. Complaints to Facebook. Ongoing intimidation. Everything she's done has failed.

Now, HIRA will once again work to educate voters from now until Election Day that certain loser Andria Tupola’s liberal governing philosophy is a THREAT to everyone's standard of living. Even her GOP running mate says Tupola needs to apologize for her lousy voting record. No kidding! But instead, Tupola has been working to bamboozle low-information voters statewide with phony information about her own voting record. In fact, her liberal record is so horrible that Tupola and her own supporters have to lie about it.

Sorry folks, Andria Tupola is no Republican. She’s not conservative, she’s not honest AND she’s not electable. To paraphrase Mitt Romney, Andria Tupola is a phony and a fraud. Tupola's voting record gives her away. She has more in common with Democrats than you might know. It's scary. And HIRA will keep telling the truth each day no matter how much Tupola and her sleazy lawyers and her social media justice warriors try to intimidate us. Again, she has no hope of winning except in the minds of her most ardent supporters - most of whom are actually liberals and Democrats who champion the sovereignty agenda and relish the irony of backing a fake Republican. Under these circumstances, we can all be brutally honest about the terrible consequences of Hawaii’s Republican Party having wasted an opportunity to make the case against Democrats by nominating closet Democrat Tupola in 2018. What a waste of four years. Auwe!

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