Saturday, September 15, 2018

MassResistance Call to Arms to Stop Transgenderism in Massachusetts

Dear MassResistance friends, activists, and supporters:
As you all know, Governor Charlie Baker signed into law the infamous transgender “bathroom” bill. This now makes it a crime for anyone to even comment when “transgenders” use opposite-sex facilities in any public accommodation – including bathrooms, locker rooms, restaurants, etc.

Luckily, on November 6, we will have the opportunity to vote OUT this law. It is Question 3 on the ballot.
But right now, we’re in big trouble. All the polls have the law PASSING by at least double digits.
Why is that? A big reason is that the LGBT movement says that this is a “civil rights” issue.  That’s their mantra. Civil Rights. And our side doesn’t have an answer for that. Frankly, it’s because our people are scared to death of offending the “transgender community.”
It’s much easier for conservatives to say that it’s NOT about transgenders, but about male predators going into restrooms to prey on helpless girls. There may be some of that. But the public isn’t buying it as a reason to vote against that law – and violate the “civil rights” of people.
Come on, this should be a much easier fight to win…
MassResistance has decided that someone needs to jump into this battle with the truth – that people can easily understand.
To start with, it’s not about “civil rights” – it’s about mental health.  Nobody is saying that, but it needs to be said over and over. So-called “transgenders” really do need help. All legitimate research shows that pandering to their condition only makes things worse for them. Instead, they take hormones and amputate healthy body parts.

And that’s just the start. This law forces people to believe a lie. Men can never become women. Women can never become men. Period. Anything else is fantasy. People should be able to say that without being charged with a crime.
Will YOU join us?
Are you willing to help save the Commonwealth from this insanity? And make no mistake – this will open the door to even more state-sponsored mind-control. (If you think the LGBT movement is vicious now, just wait until they win a state-wide “transgender” election!)
We need to move fast. There are a lot of creative things that we can all do across the state! But we need people willing to help do it. Even if it’s just a little bit, in this war every bit helps. We will also be forming a ballot committee to raise money. The election is coming up fast.
Right now:
  1. PLEASE respond to this email and say that you are willing to help. Give your name and some contact info.
  1. PLEASE forward this email to like-minded friends.
We must not lose this one!
Brian Camenker

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