Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Aloha RINOs: Hawaii GOP Chair Has Thrown Election 2018

Hawaii GOP State Chair Ostrov is DELIBERATELY
Throwing the 2018 Election, With Time Fast Running Out

Top party officer Shirlene Ostrov REFUSES to Meet with
Fellow Party Officers in 2018 to Plan, Coordinate, Execute

Aloha, Republicans:

Earlier this year, state GOP chair Shirlene Ostrov promised "historic gains" in the 2018 Election.  Yet today, as has been the case for months and months, she avoids fellow party officers like the plague

Most folks in Hawaii vote absentee. And those 2018 General Election ballots arrive in mailboxes in LESS than one month. So why is the deranged state chairwoman of the Hawaii Republican Party REFUSINGyes completely refusingto work with her fellow party officers for months and months and months?  How could any organization achieve "historic gains" with so much dysfunction, incompetence, malfeasance, and casual acceptance of the status quo?

Full-blown RINO Shirlene Ostrov has deliberately thwarted each and every attempt by her fellow party officers statewide to hold crucial meetings for planning, coordinating and executing something resembling a political strategy before it's too late. Well, now it's too late. And that's really too bad.

The 2018 Election has been two years in the planning.  But disaster in just a few short weeks is now certain.  As HIRA has warned so many times before, brave Republican candidates are being thrown to the wolves in 2018 by RINO party leaders who simply don't care that the GOP keeps losing.  Even worse, these RINO's don't care that the failed policies of the Democrats go unchallenged year after year.  NEVER EVER FORGET that Ostrov was shoved into this position by the worst of all RINO's in the Hawaii GOP:  The Oahu League of RINO Women (Carol Thomaspresident, pictured here), Pat Saiki, Miriam Hellreich, Mark Blackburn, Mary Smart, Rita Kama-Kimura and too many other RINO's and closet Democrats to name here.  These people said Ostrov had what it takes to lead the Hawaii GOP.  They flat out lied in order to keep control of a party in RINO hands.  Such chronic wrongheadedness keeps Democrats firmly in charge of everything in Hawaii; with Democrats holding 115 of 120 elective offices in county, state and federal government.

Ostrov flushed away a year and a half of her disastrous tenure as state chair by refusing to take the 2018 campaign seriously.  Or, conversely, she did EXACTLY what she intended to do.  Either way, throwing the election to the Democrats ought to be a crime punishable by banishment to Venezuela or North Korea.  Auwe, Ostrov!


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