Sunday, September 9, 2018

White Southern Conservatives Under Attack in Denver


First of all I am not selling anything. I am sending you this because the threats on our lives are increasing. Our white skin and southern accents has made us targets for white feminists and homosexuals.  

Recall John Phillips the baker that refused to bake a cake for homosexuals? Recall that they have harassed him and mounted one lawsuit after another because of his beliefs.

We have been dealing with similar situations since we moved to Denver from Houston in 2011. Years before Trump ever ran for President we were experiencing the white deplorable discrimination and attacks that we have all become familiar with after Trump's election.

In my years in the Navy and 30 years in business, as a chemist and a network administrator, 
I have never been assaulted. Since 2011, here in liberal Denver, I have been physically assaulted 3 TIMES by white liberals; one was a white feminist doctor at the Golden VA!

Imagine your girlfriend goes to the US Post Office and the gay working there ignores her because she is a white woman with a southern accent. Imagine white feminists have a gay searching your laptop for dirt they can use against you meanwhile his work laptop is drenched in gay porn. Imagine married white feminists hammer you because you won't sleep with them.  

It goes on and on and on like that. And I have documented it all. But when I contacted dozens of Colorado newspapers about it they ignored me. One Colorado editor even sent me a scathing email telling me to essentially take my hick ass back to Texas.

The site is thewaronmales [dot] com:

Be sure and download the "website iso file" first thing since the site will be taken down as soon as white liberals discover it. If for some reason they have already removed the site send me an email and I can send you a download link to download the website file.

Although this is the only email you'll ever get from me since this site will not be up for long here is a opt out link if you like. Opt out

Ken W. Bullard
Network Administrator
Network+, Security+, i-Net+
MCPS in Network Administration

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