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Hawaii GOP Auwe: State GOP Treasurer Quits, Election 2018 Wipeout On the Way

Just when you thought that things were bad in your state, just look at what's happening in Hawaii, where there is no opposition party to bring any kind of balance to the state political landscape.

It's nothing short of sad. Socialism has become the only truck in ideas trafficked on the island. Did anyone really think that this was going to last indefinitely.

We are about to see a Hawaii implosion, and it looks as though there will be nothing that the people of the island can do about it.



Aloha, Republicans:

It's shocking, but true:  With the General Election just two months from today, Hawaii GOP state chair Shirlene Ostrov's closest ally, confidante, appointee, supporter and alleged paramour has formally resigned his position with the party.
Early this morning, Mark Blackburn suddenly and without warning resigned in disgust as the Hawaii Republican Party's Finance Committee Chairman and openly admitted that the Hawaii Republican Party is nosediving in 2018 under Ostrov's failed leadership.  Quitting this close to Election Day reveals that political neophyte and full-blown RINO Ostrov mistakenly surrounded herself with amateurs and nincompoops like Blackburn who know even less about how to win elections than Ostrov herself.
Excerpts from Blackburn's resignation letter  -- sent to party leaders statewide today at 3am Hawaii time from his iPhone -- reveal a great deal about the coming political disaster Blackburn and Ostrov and their fellow officers have arrogantly and stupidly engineered.  HIRA can exclusively share with you the sordid details of how much money, time, and effort have been wasted by the Hawaii GOP and its duped supporters since Ostrov took power in May 2017 . . . Efforts which will be for naught in 2018.
Blackburn admits that plans to "spend money on each and every nominee on the ballot between now and November" have now been cancelled.  According to Blackburn, the state party's now cancelled plans for political support were, "TV advertisements, yard signs, palm cards, mailers, newspaper advertisements, door-to-door canvassing, and more."  This was probably all B.S. and bluster since many GOP candidates running in 2018 alerted HIRA that they never heard from the party, not even to get a copy of their campaign logo to be utilized in any advertising or printed materials in time for the final stage of the election campaign.
As far as "canvassing" is concerned, Ostrov and Blackburn wasted 16 valuable months by failing to start canvassing of Hawaii's 700,000 voters on Day One of their "coregency" in running the party together like Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.  A couple of weeks ago, in an effort to lay blame on others, they desperately brainstormed an impossible plan to put some old ladies in charge of walking and calling to 700,000 registered voters in 30 days in order to identify potential Republican-leaning voters.  Since the party only has 29,000 card-carrying members, the party and its candidates only know this teeny-tiny fraction of the electorate's voting preferences.  Without any canvassing data collected by the Hawaii GOP over 18 months or more from the rest of the voters across the state, there's absolutely no way for the party to do its job of helping candidates know which voters to focus on (to add up enough votes for victory against a targeted Democrat candidate).  Blackburn fruitlessly tries to blame others for Ostrov's many serious blunders -- including procrastinating until a few short weeks before the General Election to finally get started on a task which other state parties across the country perform all-year-round.
To assist Ostrov and Blackburn in laying the groundwork for their blame game of others, a fictitious e-mail account "Joe Friday" was created several months ago which regularly sent 'anonymous' e-mails to party officers statewide attacking nearly every party officer other than Blackburn and Ostrov for the coming 2018 disaster.  These e-mails appear to have backfired now that Blackburn found himself having to resign in order to up the ante in his and Ostrov's soap opera blame game.
The blame game really got a shot of steroids when Ostrov and Blackburn obtained the not-so-secret help of an intensely disliked mainland political consultant named Dennis Lennox and a reportedly shady Honolulu lawyer named Ann Correa to help Ostrov to devise a strategy to engineer a coup d'etat back in July in which Ostrov stopped holding mandatory meetings with any other party officers on the official Executive Committee and the official State Committee, the two governing bodies of the Hawaii GOP under its rules.  Ostrov asserted that since she refused to call any meetings for months and months during the current election year, she claimed to possess "in-between meetings authority" to do whatever she wanted with the party's money, resources and power.  Blackburn and pseudonym "Joe Friday" routinely bludgeoned anyone who stood in Ostrov's way to successfully emasculate all other party officers several months ago and take total control of the Hawaii GOP -- thereby making her 100% responsible for the horrifying 2018 election results expected two months from today.
That's the awful irony of Blackburn resigning in disgust while blaming everyone else other than his very close associate and long-rumored secret girlfriend, the married Shirlene Ostrov.  If she's completely in control (and has been for months), then how can anything about the looming 2018 political disaster for Republicans in Hawaii be anyone else's fault than Shirlene Ostrov's (and her enablers, Mark Blackburn, Dennis Lennox, Gene Ward, Jane Tatibouet, and the incompetent neighbor island county GOP chairs who brownnose Ostrov and Blackburn at every opportunity)??
A seemingly credible rumor suggests another reason Blackburn is resigning.  He might have gotten the Hawaii GOP into legal trouble.  Records show that Blackburn has tried to offset his failure as a Finance 'Committee' Chairman by spending his own money to help Ostrov.  The rumors abound that NOT all of his spending on Hawaii Republican Party related matters has been fully reported to the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) and the State Campaign Spending Commission (CSC).  Rumors abound that he paid substantial sums of money for the services of controversial party-wrecking consultant Dennis Lennox, who has reportedly been helping Ostrov and Blackburn since last May when the disastrous state convention was choreographed by mainlander Lennox, reportedly flown in for the occasion.  Then, on the weekend of Shirlene Ostrov's coup d'etat, Lennox was suddenly in Hawaii again helping Ostrov and Blackburn to orchestrate this power grab.

Then Lennox is suddenly back in town for a secret Republican event on the Big Island at a fancy hotel where Trump-hating Michael Steele was helping to promote the progressive candidacies of RINO's Andria Tupola and Val Okimoto.  The timing of this special event (still unreported to the FEC and CSC) happened to be when Ostrov continued refusing to hold official meetings with other party officers and when Ostrov demanded that the same party officers she emasculated with her coup d'etat accept new job descriptions and embrace the fool's errand of trying to reach 700,000+ voters in the span of a few weeks rather than the few years it normally takes.
If Blackburn has been involved in secret spending that Ostrov has not revealed to the FEC and CSC, the party could be fined heavily and party officers could be sentenced to prison
In addition to Blackburn's FAILURE to recruit any members for his finance committee (which never met and never did anything), Blackburn didn't do jack squat in his other position as district chairman for the Hawaii GOP.  No district canvassing.  No voter identification.  No voter persuasion.  Yes, career Democrat legislator Bert Kobayashi (Blackburn's representative in the State House) reportedly loses zero sleep at night worrying about his political future while Mark Blackburn is in charge of the Republican effort in House District 19 (Waialae, Kahala, Diamond Head, Kaimuki, Kapahulu).  In fact, thanks to Blackburn's abject failure as a district chairman, Kobayashi (the incumbent Democrat) is running for re-election in 2018 UNOPPOSED.  Not even a token Republican candidate.  Hopefully, Blackburn's resignation as district chairman for HD19 will be forthcoming.
NOW:  If you are thinking of wasting money to attend the Hawaii GOP's fundraiser at the Honolulu Convention Center in a couple of weeks, DON'T BOTHER.  Blackburn openly admits that this money from ticket sales will be wasted like all of the money raised through other methods in recent months.  It is expected by most observers that this event will 'take a bath' by losing tons of money.  Fortunately, Blackburn is rumored to have secretly paid the speaking fees for the keynote speakers.  If this turns out to be true, then he alone will be stuck with that tab.  Let's just hope Blackburn reports that spending (if the rumor is true) or there'll be even more hell to pay.  Gosh, Ostrov isn't even promoting this money losing event on her own party website at  If that isn't incompetent, what is?
Finally, Democrats have been laughing and relaxing since that fateful day at the Hawaii GOP state convention on Kauai when Ostrov was installed by duped Republicans along the army of RINO convention delegates sent by the progressive Democrat protection league known as the "Oahu League of Republican Women".  Led by Oahu League president Carol Thomas, these RINO women (who waste their members' money on Democrats like Beth Fukumoto and Charles Djou) flew to Kauai as delegates to elect their organization's very own vice-president Shirlene Ostrov to become the chairwoman of the entire state party now must completely own the failure of Ostrov and Blackburn by backing them to this day.  Reportedly, they sold their souls in exchange for permanent co-ownership of some real estate -- the Hawaii GOP's underutilized white elephant headquarters on Kapiolani Blvd. which Ostrov (in her seriously conflicted dual capacity as party chair and VP of the Oahu League) apparently hopes to solidify and protect by secretly creating a legal 'trust' entity so that the poorly located and overpriced headquarters cannot be sold by wiser future party leaders who would rather spend money on advertising and organizing for electoral success than giving the Oahu League members a permanent location to do their arts and crafts.

Yes, Mark Blackburn has declared the Hawaii Republican Party DEAD in 2018 just two months before the election.  That should be a signal to us all that it's time to start working on replacing these RINO losers who destroy Republican ambitions year after year after year.  For the past few weeks, it's been clear that Ostrov's entire slate elected on Kauai opposes her.  These are the same people who supported her candidacy for state chair.  Now her special friend Blackburn admits the party is doomed in 2018.  There's nobody else to blame but this revolting collection of RINO's who just wasted two years since their last disaster in 2016.  For the record, HIRA believes they should all resign TODAY so that real Republicans can begin putting the pieces back together in time for 2020.
For your own full copy of Mark Blackburn's angry resignation letter, just e-mail "Joe Friday" at  Even though he's gone silent in the past 48 hours, "Joe" will surely get back to you right away since 'spin' and 'damage control' and the 'blame game' are his most important priorities.  Auwe!
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